Vigil – bigger and better

The Vigil is getting bigger and bigger. Visitors from far and wide joined
the regulars this week. Among them was Kate Hoey MP, Chair of the All-Party
Parliamentary Group on Zimbabwe. She arrived wearing her Vigil t-shirt so
she fitted in well when she took a turn

on the drums . . . not to mention
joining in with the singing and dancing. Being a campaigner, she was happy
to stand on the pavement handing out our flyers.
Supporters were angry at the latest outrageous behaviour by the Zimbabwe
police. The attack on NCA activists was widely reported here. What appalled
everyone was that mothers were separated from their babies to make it easier
for the police to beat the women.
The Vigil was very busy. Many thanks to Chipo Chaya, who with her usual
efficiency, took care of sales of Vigil t-shirts – much in demand. Thanks
also to another member of the organizing team, Luka Phiri, for overseeing
the signing of the Vigil letters to Mbeki asking him to insist on votes for
Zimbabweans in the Diaspora. Ancilla and Patson were tireless in leading
the singing and dancing.
Among the dancers were a group of 10 young Christian Canadian street
dancers. You will find among our pictures one showing a dancer balanced on
one hand. They performed a dance on the theme of freedom, escaping from
handcuffs. They were brought to the Vigil by the Rev Ray Pountney of the
West Hill Baptist Church in East Putney. He used to be with the Baptist
church in Bulawayo and worked closely with Ray Motsi.
Zimbabwean musician, Lucky Moyo, left his CD “I have got issues” with us.
His songs are focused on the struggle. A quote from the track “Silent
Diplomacy” : “In the name of Pan Africanism when you see a country
mistreating its own people keeping silent is not an option”.
For this week’s Vigil pictures:
FOR THE RECORD: 125 signed the register.

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