Zanu grabs grain

HARARE - The Grain Marketing Board claims to have received 200 000 tonnes of imported maize amidst revelations that the Zanu (PF) government has ordered the parastatal to surrender all maize stocks for use in next year's election campaign.
GMB's acting chief executive officer, Samuel Mavuti, conf

irmed to CAJ News that minister without portfolio, Elliot Manyika, had written to the national grain utility asking for details of current maize stocks.
“We have received stocks amounting to about 200 000 tonnes over the past couple of weeks and we expect more from the imports side,” he said.
“Government has asked for details on maize stocks and that we should work with them in the handling as well as distribution of the maize in order to ensure the whole nation is covered.”
CAJ News has heard from Zanu (PF) insiders that Manyika was tasked at a recent politburo meeting with handling the stocks of maize and has already formed teams of Zanu (PF) militia to do the distribution.
Muvuti said, before imports, the GMB had 500 000 tonnes of maize.
The World Food Programme has said that more than 6 million Zimbabweans are in need of food aid. – CAJ News

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