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JOHANNESBURG - The number of British nationals living in Zimbabwe has dropped by up to 60 percent over the past seven years.
The British Embassy said it estimated that between 12,500 and 15,000 British nationals were still resident in the troubled country, down from about 86,000 seven years ago b

efore the Zimbabwean government embarked on programmes that critics believe were aimed to force whites out of the country.
In an interview with CAJ News, the embassy spokesperson for Zimbabwe, Gillian Dare, said they were currently updating the database of its nationals in Zimbabwe, a move aimed at assisting them, if necessary.
“In order to provide a full consular service in Harare, we maintain a register of British citizens living permanently or working short term in the country. We are trying to clarify this number by asking people to reregister with us, and asking those who were previously registered with us, but who have now left Zimbabwe, to let us know,” said Dare.
“It (the database) enables us to communicate with British nationals when necessary and to tailor our consular assistance to better help those Britons still in Zimbabwe, and facilitate assistance in case any of our nationals have problems or get into difficulties, such as illness, robbery, death, local or national natural disasters, epidemics and unrest.”
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