Commissioner to face Criminal Court?

Forum urges ICC to indict police officer in SA
PRETORIA - The International Criminals Court is being urged to indict, for crimes against humanity, a senior Zimbabwean police officer currently seeking medical treatment in South Africa.
Bothwell Mugariri, a senior a

ssistant police commissioner and officer commanding Harare province, is recovering at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg after being involved in a near-fatal car accident in July, in Harare.
Mugariri was a police spokesman at the height of the 2000 and 2002 parliamentary and presidential elections, a period during which scores of opposition Movement for Democratic Change members were killed or assaulted by state security agents and Zanu (PF) youth militias.
According to human rights lawyer Gabriel Shumba, Mugariri is cited in as many as 25,000 violations. “Over 25,000 cases of human-rights violations were recorded in the past six years, with the police being directly involved in some of the worst violations against government critics.
“We have to consider that most of these violations were committed in Harare, and Mugariri is among those who sanctioned and oversaw these crimes,” said Shumba, who is also the director of Zimbabwe Exiles Forum.
The organisation has been compiling data on human-rights violations perpetrated by the Mugabe regime.
If the indictment proceeds, it would be a test case on serious human-rights violations committed by the Robert Mugabe regime since 1980.
Calls have been made by various human-rights organisations across the globe to have Mugabe and other Zanu (PF) and government officials arrested and prosecuted by the international court, for gross human rights violations in Zimbabwe. A number of Zimbabwean civic society organisations based in South Africa are reported to have lobbied and passed information to the ICC.
“Some of the information that is on the dossier prepared by the civic society organisations is that Mugariri, as Officer Commanding Harare Province, was the one who sanctioned the attack on MDC supporters by the police in Highfield, Harare in March this year,” said a source.
The ICC is currently investigating four situations related to genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Northern Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Darfur in Sudan and the Central African Republic. The ICC has intensified its efforts to have Ahmad Harum and Ali Muhammad Ali from Sudan, who have an outstanding arrest warrant, brought to The Hague. Former Liberian president Charles Taylor is currently facing trial at The Hague for human-rights violations.
Shumba said, after Mugariri’s indictment, the ZEF in liaison with other Zimbabwean organisations, would provide a list of senior Zanu (PF) implicated in crimes.

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