Government is misdirected, says Catholic bishop

HARARE - A senior Roman Catholic priest of the Harare diocese has slammed the Zimbabwean government for its persecution of retired Archbishop Pius Ncube.
The Bishop was speaking from Johannesburg where he was giving another view on allegations of a sex scandal involving Archbishop Ncube to South

African human rights organisations.
“Archbishop Ncube’s case is reminiscent of that of the MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai who, in 2002, was arrested after similarly inaudible video footage was said [to reveal a plot] to assassinate President Robert Mugabe,” said the priest.
The Bishop’s visit to South Africa came a few days after Mugabe’s spokesperson and Minister of Information and Publicity, George Charamba, lashed out at the Roman Catholic Church in Zimbabwe for defending the former Archbishop.
Ncube is a leading critic of the Mugabe regime for crimes it has committed against humanity. He helped compile details of the Matabeleland atrocities which left more than 20.000 civilians homeless. The report, Breaking the silence, building true peace, was intended for use when the time came to indict Mugabe. – Trust Matsilele

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