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The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) coordinator - South Africa Office last Thursday called all progressive civic society movements in South Africa to express their dissatisfaction over the recently passed 18th amendment Act as it Zimbabweans in the constitutional m

aking process.

Addressing over 400 demonstrators at the Zimbabwe consulate in Johannesburg, Tapera Kapuya said the NCA remained resolute on its opposition to the constitutional amendment on the basis of principle and morals.

“We as the NCA oppose the ammendment of the constitution as it directly descriminates the entire Zimbabwe populace on participating in the constitutional making process.

“The NCA opposes the move taken by the Movement for Democratic Change to back an immoral way of writing the country’s constitution,” said Kapuya to a rapturous applause from the protestors.

Kapuya said in order for Zimbabwe to have democracy they was an urgent need of having a home grown constitution that would see every Zimbabwean participating in its making process.

NCA national spokesperson, Maddock Chivasa who also addressed the gathering said it was only through a people driven constitution that would see Zimbabweans having free and fair elections.

“Its sad to note the MDC has endorsed the 18th Amendment Bill as this will see next year’s elections being not free and fair as the new Act gives more room to Zanu PF to entrench its power,”said Chivasa.

Zimbabwe is holding presidential, parliamentary and council elections in March 2008.

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