New political party formed, blamed the passing of new bill


ZIMBABWE'S newly formed political party; Multi-People's Democratic Party (MPDP) says it is contesting in al

l the 210 seats of the House of Assembly amid calls for arch-rivals Movement for Democratic Change to quit politics citing the recent position by the country’s main opposition to back Mugabe’s controversial 18th Amendment Bill in parliament.

In an exclusive interview with CAJ News in Johannesburg on Sunday, MPDP President, Emmanuel Moyana Muzondi, said his party would work closely with focused and committed civil societies such as the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), whose interests are for the people of Zimbabwe.

“At this point in time, Zimbabweans are not concerned about constitutional amendment, but they want a complete overhaul of the constitution if we are to enjoy the true fruits of democracy, political and socio-economic dispensation. Amending parts and pieces of the constitution will not stop corruption, or, election rigging. This is an insult.

“As MPDP we have been seriously disturbed with the news that the two warring MDC factions have only united in this shameless move to aid Mugabe’s cause. MDC will go down memory books of history for betraying the nation at the last hour,” said Muzondi.

He appealed to the people of Zimbabwe back home and those in the Diaspora to fully rally behind the MPDP so that a long lasting solution to the Zimbabwe crisis would be solved once and for all.

Formed on May 20, 2007 in South Africa, the MPDP has already received some threats from the government’s intelligence operatives, who visited the Methodist House to intimidate majority refugees who are in support of the party.

Muzondi said his party would soon launch its 2008 presidential and the general election campaigns at the Zimbabwe Grounds in High field, Harare on 14th October 2007.

“We are taking no chances. Our message to the electorate is very simply and straight forward, we would Zimbabwe quickly return to the rule of law, implement proper land reform programmes, formulate new people driven constitution as well as removing of all the retrogressive laws.

“On the land issue, we are not against the Mugabe government, but we are against the Zanu PF government policies that have brought hunger, economic chaos and intolerant to different political views,” said the much confident Muzondi.

When asked about how he rated his chances of unseating Mugabe, Muzondi said politics is not about big names, arguing that politics was about addressing socio-economic and political challenges the country is experiencing at the moment.

He said MDC had its share from 2000, 2002 and 2005 but dismally failed to unseat Mugabe due to its complacency yet victory smelled on their nose.

Muzondi, a holder of a degree in B.Com Marketing as well as a Diploma in Theology, says when his party wins the 2008 general election, the MPDP would create the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in order to heal the bleeding wounds that have been inflicted among the people of Zimbabwe by Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies.

“Well, this does not necessarily mean that we would call for the execution of Mugabe, but we would want the truth to come to the open. As a Christian, I can always forgive, but the truth has to be known on who did what and killed who?

“We have no grudges whatsoever, but our manifesto speaks for itself,” said Muzondi.

He said Zimbabwe needed fresh ideas that would shape the country’s destiny with people being consulted in the constitutional reforms.

“Greedy people have paralyzed the Zimbabwean economy, precipitating turmoil and virtual economic archly, the main symptom of which is the fact that the country today has the world’s highest inflation rate.

“The MPDP comes onto the scene to offer a real solution to the dilemma. Its leadership comprises persons untainted by all squabbles, mudslinging and chicanery that have rendered the country’s opposition impotent and the ruling party brutal to a point of being virtually cannibalistic,” said Masonic- CAJ News.

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