No chance of free and fair – Makone

HARARE - Ruling party militants are unleashing terror in Zimbabwe's rural areas, in what the opposition says is an attempt to lock out its campaigners ahead of the crunch 2008 vote.
Militants are storming rural areas, while members of the ruling party youth militia in green government-issue unif

orms are manning roadblocks to seal off districts to supporters of the opposition.
Ian Makone, the MDC elections secretary, accused President Robert Mugabe’s party of creating “no go areas” for opposition supporters ahead of the vote scheduled for March next year.
“Such areas are being systematically extended … there is no prospect of the elections being free and fair in these areas,” he said.
Zanu (PF) spokesman Nathan Shamuyarira was not immediately available to respond to the allegations. But he has in the past denied reports that the ruling party used intimidation to cow the electorate into submission.
The Zimbabwean heard that in Karoi, scores of slogan-chanting militants ordered farm workers on Sunday to buy ruling party membership cards to help them pass through the militia checkpoints.
Without a card, “you are humiliated. We were made to kneel in the road and beg to be let through and sing slogans,” said a farm worker who asked not to be identified.
The youth militias have ignored government assurances that only police are permitted at roadblocks. Police have not prevented the militias throwing up checkpoints.
Police were unavailable for comment on violence.

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