‘Officials took refugees’ property’

PRETORIA - Over 200 Zimbabwean asylum seekers lost their personal belongings last week when the Tshwane Municipality took the belongings at Marabastad Refugee Reception Office in Pretoria.
According to a refugee-rights researcher at the Lawyers for Human Rights, ov

er 50 Metro police and municipal officials in five vehicles grabbed anything on the ground at the offices.
“All the affected individuals are very worried and depressed as most of them lost valuable goods such as educational certificates and cellphones during the raid,” said a researcher.
Many Zimbabweans who have fled the economic and political crisis in Zimbabwe are staying at the Marabastad Refugee Reception Centre seeking asylum documents that will enable them to study or work in the country.
Government officials at the refugee reception offices have also been accused of seeking bribes from the asylum seekers in order for them to get the papers.
Efforts to get a comment on the confiscation from the Municipality of Tshwane were unsuccessful.

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