Radio, TV licence hike

ZIMBABWE Broadcasting Holdings has increased radio and television licence fees, which will result in rural listeners paying $50 000 and urban listeners $200 000 per year.
According to Statutory Instrument 169 of 2007 Broadcasting (Listener's Licences) (Fees) Notice 2007, published in the Gov

ernment Gazette of 7 September 2007, owners of both home radio and television sets are now required to pay a combined fee of $600 000.The new licence fee for car radios is $1 million, up from $550.
The licence fee for company televisions has been set at $10 million per annum. In addition, companies will pay $3 million per year for office radios and $5 million for their car radios.
MISA-Zimbabwe commented, “It is depressing to note that, the same licence fee payers are not accorded an opportunity to be heard and seen on television or radio. This is exacerbated by the fact that there is no alternative media as a result of ZBH’s monopoly. MISA-Zimbabwe believes that there should be equal access to the media regardless of one’s political affiliation. This is more so in light of ZBH’s claims of being a public broadcaster.” – Own Correspondent

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