Reporters work in fear

FEARS abound, amongst Zimbabwean journalists reporting for private and international media, of a crackdown on private media ahead of the 2008 elections.
Several journalists reporting for private and international media from within Zimbabwe do not want to be identified.
Some reporters from

the state media also work for the international and private media, using ghost names and as unnamed correspondents.
“We earn very little from the state media and therefore I am stringing for an international newspaper in order to supplement my pay and at least have a chance to tell the truth to the people, as in the state media we are controlled on what to write,” said a journalist working for state media.
For those working for the private media, fear is the order of the day as they say spending just an hour in Zimbabwe’s police cells in hell.
“We really want by-lines but in case of Zimbabwe’s coverage it is very dangerous for us and we cannot risk, with the current draconian laws in force. It is not only arrest that we fear but brutalisation especially if you are from the private media. I will not use my real name until things become better. I think what is important is the information that we give to the people” said a radio correspondent.
Media analysts said journalists should use their names if they want to expose to the world that Mugabe’s regime is brutal. He said bravery reporting may give credit to the journalist and enable them to get awards for their reporting. – Silas Nkala

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