SA govt admits Zim threat to 2010

South Africa's hosting of the 2010 soccer World Cup has been the major factor behind that country's change of approach regarding the worsening crisis in Zimbabwe.
An official from President Thabo Mbeki's office in Pretoria told The Zimbabwean this week that "Mugabe has to go soonest

, otherwise we continue taking the risk of international politics causing us to lose the hosting of the World Cup”.
On the other hand, this paper has established through informed sources privy to the politics that influence the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) that Australia is quietly placing itself to be on stand by to host the soccer finals in the event SA is “found to be unsuitable, mainly for the dangerous and very serious crisis in Zimbabwe”.
“We have to admit it, the hosting of the World Cup became the major factor in our government coming to the position that Mugabe has to go and if Zanu (PF) has to remain in power, it has to reform or at least work with the opposition in a government of national unity,” a source said.
“We are actually under a lot of pressure and racing against time because by June next year there must be undoubted signs of things normalising and the economy recovering.”
The Zimbabwean recently reported how minutes at hand showed the SA government now admitting that “they have acted as a buffer and protected Mugabe” but who “never meant to keep any of the promises made to the SA government. This was seen as the highest level of abuse of the person and office of the (SA) presidency”. – Itai Dzamara

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