War vets demand massive pay hikes

Veterans of Zimbabwe's liberation war have asked the government to hike their monthly allowances five times, two weeks after pledging undying loyalty to President Robert Mugabe and declaring him the only one fit to rule the country.
The veterans, hardliner suppor

ters of Mugabe who is also their patron, wield immense influence in the governing Zanu (PF) party after waging violence and terror against the opposition at every election to ensure victory for the ruling party.
Mugabe, who used the veterans to spearhead his farm seizure programme, has in the past acceded to every demand for more cash by the former fighters.
In a letter to Social Welfare Minister Nicholas Goche, dated 3 September 2007, the ex-combatants said they want their allowances hiked from Z$2 million to $10 million per month.
“We, the war veterans of Zimbabwe, give you honourable minister up to the end of this month (September) to address problems concerning our welfare,” the veterans wrote to Goche.
“The role we played during and after the liberation struggle is not questionable and we hope you will address this problem on time. We want the allowances to be increased to at least $10 million so that we can also look after our families,” they said.
Goche confirmed receiving the letter from the veterans, adding his department was looking to improve payouts to former fighters as well as other pensioners to “ensure that the money they get is in keeping with the high inflationary environment”.
Allowances for ex-combatants were last reviewed last May from $103 000 to $2 million a month.
The former fighters appear to have timed well their request for more money, a few months ahead of key presidential and parliamentary elections next year when the government needs the veterans the most to intimidate the opposition and to mobilise votes for Zanu (PF).
The war veterans two weeks ago appeared to endear themselves well with Mugabe – who has final say on whether they get more cash – when they marched across Harare to show support for his candidacy in next year’s presidential election and declared him their sole candidate for the race. – ZimOnline

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