BA decision causes freight woes

The much-publicised decision by British Airways to cease direct flights from London to Harare has concerned Zimbabweans living in the UK for more than one reason.
While travellers will still be able to eventually get to Harare - albeit via Johannesburg - members of the diaspora who regu

larly send provisions back home to struggling family members in Zimbabwe are asking: What do we do now?
British Airways have been the largest cargo carrier between the UK and Zimbabwe for over 30 years and the withdrawal of the service has raised concerns that a valuable lifeline for desperate Zimbabweans, who are used to seeing rows of empty shelves in local supermarkets, will disappear – adding to their woes.
However, one British cargo agent has already taken steps to ensure that their long-standing service between the UK and Zimbabwe will continue undiminished. Tom Prior, Removal Manager at Tudor International Freight, told The Zimbabwean:
“The decision by BA to halt the London-Harare cargo route has caused some concern among our regular clients. However, as soon as the decision was announced we took the necessary steps to protect the service we offer to our customers and their families in Zimbabwe. From next week we will be offering a twice-weekly airfreight service from the UK to Harare airport using a European airline.
“We have signed an agreement with the cargo airline Martinair who will take over where British Airways left off. Our clients can rest assured that they will still be able to trust in Tudor to get their provisions safely and quickly to Zimbabwe in time for the Christmas rush.”

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