British Catholics seek emergency funds

A British Catholic charity has launched an £5 million appeal to save lives in Zimbabwe, as the Archbishop of Harare said the country was on the edge of collapse. The emergency programme by the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) will provide over 120,000 peopl

e in some of the worst affected areas with food supplies and seeds and tools.
CAFOD said all money raised from its annual Harvest Fast Day would go to helping the most vulnerable people in Zimbabwe. “With food supplies already running short and a poor harvest forecasted, usual coping strategies are simply not enough this year. One in three people are expected to be without food by March and many will run out very soon,” the charity said.
Archbishop Robert Ndlovu of Harare said Zimbabwe was unable to feed its people and the coming months would bring deeper hunger and desperation for many. “We have already lost too many of our children, friends, brothers and sisters to hunger and disease. Many more have fled the country, fleeing from lives that have become unbearable through poverty and hunger. Now the Zimbabwean people stand at the edge of a precipice. Our country is in deep crisis. Our harvest has failed, through a combination of severe drought, HIV and AIDS and the consequences of economic decline.”

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