DA cautiously welcomes Zim constitutional amendments

The Democratic Alliance welcomes the Zanu-PF and MDC agreement to enact constitutional amendments, which would abolish 30 seats in the Zimbabwean parliament that President Mugabe presently appoints himself. However, while the DA bel

ieves this is a step in the right direction, the constitutional amendments will mean nothing if the Zanu-PF government does not make a real committment to ensuring that the next elections are completely democratic, free and fair, giving Zimbabweans their first real opportunity to vote for the government of their choice.

Commitments have been made in the past, but they have been guileful and dishonest. During the last elections in Zimbabwe, the Zanu-PF government loudly proclaimed the openness of the process while media reports showed high levels of voter intimidation, ballot stuffing and other government driven attempts to ensure that President Mugabe remained in power.

This was made worse by the South African government announcing to the oppressed Zimbabwean masses and the incredulous South African public that the elections were free and fair.

In addition to promises, incremental steps in the right direction have been made before. However, the democratic processes in Zimbabwe are easily perverted by the Zanu-PF to suit their own ends, and thus while the constitutional amendments give hope that President Mbeki’s mediation process might eventually bear fruit, the DA warns that the promises must be followed up with action and increased pressure from our government to drive the mediation process forward.

The worst possible outcome would be for people, in government and without, to relax and expect Zimbabwe to be irrevocably on the road to recovery. Much more work is necessary.

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