Home affairs officers injure asylum seekers

TWO overzealous Home Affairs staffers, on separate occasions, drove into a crowd of asylum seekers awaiting the processing of their papers and injured several at Rosettenville office in Johannesburg on Friday.
CAJ News witnessed the event involving refugees waiting for their permits at the centre's basement, where officials park their cars.

In the first incident, a navy-blue Nissan Sentra drove into the restless crowd, which because of its size, could not make way for the car on time. The driver lost patience and drove straight into the crowd, leaving a Zimbabwean woman injured in the melee.

Then a youthful looking driver drove his black Opel pickup into the crowd in similar arrogant fashion, leaving a trail of bruised asylum seekers in his wake.

“This behaviour simply has to stop. We are all Africans and it does not make sense to treat each other like this,” said 29-year-old Senzile Ndebele, one of the Zimbabwean asylum seekers injured during the scuffle.

Unapologetic Home Affairs officials justified the incidents, arguing that the refugees did not make way for the cars and were not supposed to be in the basement in the first place.

Because of congestion, the basement is used to collect and issue the permits.

Rosettenville Refugee Reception Centre serves the bulk of refugees in South Africa. – CAJ News

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