In-fighting disrupts MDC UK

The extent of ethnic and political infighting in the Diaspora ranks of the MDC has caused anger and disappointment among many opposition supporters.
In recent weeks, chaos has engulfed the UK structures of the party where the conflict has been compounded by corruption and the fraudulent use the MDC name to try to secure refugee status and local support for personal use.

The situation in South Africa was at one time so bad that only the arrival and activity of the National Treasurer, Roy Bennett, was able to restore some semblance of order. The National Chairman also had to step in at the Congress to restore sanity.

“In South Africa the conflict was an ethnic one with some Shona members seeking to isolate and marginalize Ndebele speakers in certain branches,” say observers.

The situation is worse in the UK where the CIO has a significant presence and is fully engaged in a range of destabilising activities.

The National Chairman, Lovemore Moyo, who is responsible for the Diaspora structures, is reputed to be a sound, quiet and firm character who acts in a highly professional manner. He was recently dispatched to the UK with a mandate to deal with the problem

At a meeting in Northampton two weeks ago he dissolved the provincial executive under the chairmanship of former trade unionist Ephraim Tapa, who had been given a vote of confidence by more than 40 branches at a meeting in Coventry recently.

Moyo’s decision to suspend the executive, taken at a meeting attended by about 50 people, led to the instant resignation from the MDC of Adella, widow of murdered MDC activist, Tichaona Tapfuma Chiminya, in protest against what she described as “dictatorship and corruption in the MDC”.

Observers say the MDC in the UK has been riven for years by tribalism and jockeying for position, leaving all actual work for Zimbabwe to other organisations such as the Zimbabwe Vigil and the Zimbabwe Association. But they say the bust up could seriously damage Tsvangirai’s position, as most MDC supporters in the UK are likely to stay loyal to Tapa.

Tsvangirai loyalists are adamant that their leader has never shown tribalist tendencies or attempted favour his own family or people from Kumusha.

“In fact if there is one leader in the MDC who has a truly national outlook and lives and works beyond his tribal roots it is Morgan,” a close confidant told The Zimbabwean.   – Staff reporter

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