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EDITOR - Perhaps I should begin by apologizing to all sensible readers of The Zimbabwean for dignifying Asher Tanivona Mutsengi's letter of 18-24 October 2007, 'Writing on the wall for Mutambara', with a response.
It is unthinkable that one can get so intoxicated with Canada's comfort to the extent of denigrating Zimbabweans who on daily basis confront the experience of queuing for meal-mealie, water, meat, toilet paper and other necessities. We, the people of Mat

Perhaps Mr Mutsengi needs to be told that MDC (Mutambara) held its Congress and elected a competent leadership with a sound intellectual acumen to give direction to the party. It is at this same Congress where Professor Arthur Mutambara was elected president of the MDC while Professor Welshman Ncube was elected secretary general.

For anyone, therefore, to refer to Professor Ncube as the leader and not one of the leaders of the formation can only be mischievous and misdirected! In any event the letter lacks substance. If at all, Ncube leads the formation, why is “The writing on the wall for Mutambara”?

For the benefit of those who want to see Zimbabwean crisis resolved, Welshman Ncube is currently on national duty, leading the MDC (Mutambara) team to the talks between the two MDC formations and Zanu (PF). The talks are the initiative of the SADC leadership who are concerned about the deteriorating situation in the country and would want to see the Zimbabwean crisis resolved once and for all. Mutambara has been and still is on the ground addressing rallies, meeting people and appealing to the electorate to vote for the MDC under the harmonized plebiscite. Let it be known, the party is preoccupied with the bigger picture of things not Mutsengi’s narrow, tribal agenda.

Mutsengi asserts that ‘the people of Matebeleland are tired of tribal politics’, Oh what a rubbish! What is tribal about disassociating ourselves from a person who cannot see further than his nose? What is tribal about disassociating ourselves from the likes of Asher Mutsengi who propagate tribal politics? For the record, the Matebeleland people rejected the ZAPU 2000 leader Paul Siwela on the basis of his poor political judgement and foresight. By the same token we reject (ed) Tsvangirai for his lack of vision and intellectual deficiency.  Is it not the time Zimbabweans viewed leadership on the basis of ability rather than the tribe one belongs to?

Time is now that all serious Zimbabweans focused on removing this obsolete Zanu (PF) regime from power and replaced it with a young dynamic visionary leadership with the capacity to turn around the fortunes of the country’s economy for Mutsengi to come back home and enjoy life with his family.


Where was Gono?

EDITOR – The man who confessed to being ‘naïve’ for being unaware that politics and economics are not mutually-exclusive, is none other than our good reserve bank governor. Bingo!

Gideon Gono, for one, accepted the offer to lead the central bank in 2003 with both hands. That was shortly after the lawless seizure of farms by former guerrillas at the command of Robert Mugabe, as well as the poll theft in the 2002 presidential run-off elections. At that time the terror operations of the youth militia where in full swing and the harsh statutes crafted to silence dissent where already in place.

Was he somewhere under a rock when all these political goings-on where unfolding? No, Gono was well alert and new quite fully of the repercussions of governance on the financial system.  

So while Gono tries to mollify us and to clear his name, those who bore the brunt of his cruel monetary policies at least know how high it costs to keep his paymaster in life support.


What hypocrites

EDITOR – I read The Zimbabwean week in and week out, and I think it’s a great paper. I also sometimes get to read the goverment-controlled Sunday Mail. In the last edition of this paper’s (Sunday Mail 14 October 2007) motor vehicle column, the columnist wrote about a Mercedes-Benz ML 63AMG.

He said this car was already in the country and that he had actually seen it, thus he could write about it. But interestingly, this column was accompanied with a picture of the same car, but this caption stolen (in the sense of its use without acknowledgement) from www.whatcar.co.uk.

For all its rabid hatred for the West, I find it hypocritical that staffers (full-time or part-time) at The Sunday Mail have the cheek to steal pictures from Western websites; and even worse, British ones. What rank hypocrisy! The picture used in The Sunday Mail can be found in the following hyperlink:



A laughing stock

EDITOR – It becomes almost impossible to comprehend, that with each passing day, there seem to be no light at the end of the tunnel. I suppose that I may not be the only one that has these type of thoughts.  The illegitimate leader Mugabe, that wants to hang on to power, through illegal means, has no self worth nor any self respect of himself any more. We have a Great Grandfather, who by rights is really supposed to lead, with dignity, respect and have a true understanding about protocol. What has happened he has become a total idiot, and laughing stock in the eyes of Zimbabweans, and the international community.

Here we have a pensioner, who stills continues to dye his hair black – when in fact those grey hairs are the embodiment of what a true statesman, should be like. Those grey hairs are really supposed to have a great story to tell, the nation and the whole world. Robert Mugabe, who has no respect for human life, he now kills any brave soul that gets in his way. He has mastered the art of WAR, against the people of Zimbabwe.

Instead of Mugabe leading by virtue of his sell by date he is now the biggest oppressor on the African  Continent.  

His main goal is to have as many dysfunctional Zimbabweans, who become dependent on him and his tyrannical rule. I hope that he does not equate himself with God. As the pact he has made with the Devil, is now under serious threat of falling apart. The hurting, the killing and the breaking up of the family units, is just to much. Zimbabweans must not be scared of a pensioner, they must unite and stand up and make serious choices. We must continue fighting for change.


Thank you Gordon Brown

EDITOR – Please allow me to air my views pertaining to our current economic problems we are facing and the political polarisation of the Zimbabwean people. Foremost I would like to thank you guys at The Zimbabwean for providing an independent means for a democratic process.

I would also want to thank Prime Minister Gordon Brown for standing by his position of not attending the EU/Africa summit if our own R G is allowed to attend. It’s imperative for our dear leader to realise that we have suffered much and we are just tired. It’s high time this old chap ships out. I feel very much ashamed at the young people who still clings on to support him even at this point in time when shops are visibly empty because of his mere utterance at one of their gatherings at which they ululated and clasped their hands in support of his madness.

 We support economic empowerment and land reform but we backtrack on the process which was used and which at the end benefited the few and at the same time plunging the economy into hunger. I say to RG please go peacefully and if you don’t want to go peacefully, the consequences are nasty for you. People will judge you I tell you. You better leave an independent person resolve our currently situation whilst you are sitting somewhere at a distance. The challenge is for you to acknowledge mismanagement and opt to resign. Power and money hauzvipedzi,siirawo vamwe.

To our dear opposition forces I say you are doing yourself a disservice by diving at this point in time. I feel our dear Tsvangirayi will win the next year’s presidential elections if they are conducted  fairly. Mutambara you are wasting your time, you are very unprofessional in politics. I congratulate you for quietening down after your recent unwarranted utterances in the previous months concerning our president Tsvangs.


Sweep your house first

EDITOR – Asher Trivona Mutsengi of Canada (Zimbabwean 18 -  24 October 2007) should rather concentrate on the problems facing his formation than attacking President Mutambara. We are told that both the National Women’s Assembly and the UK Executive are dissolved. It will be best for Asher to sweep his house first before visiting ours.


Makoni our only hope

EDITOR – Please allow me space to talk to Dr Simba Makoni via your widely read press. My personal analysis, based not on facts but on the feelings from people in the street, is that you are the only hope for the country.

I know its not easy to sacrifice your life but you are the only one well positioned to cushion and correct the situation. I tell you 80 percent of Zanu (PF) supporterss go for you. 98percent of both MDC faction supporters go for you and voters will increase by more than 25percent. Peace,unity and prosperity of the country now is in your hands. More can be said to support you please find an amicable way to go for the job.



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