Makoni slams Zanu (PF) leaders

HEADLANDS Simba Makoni, the former minister of Finance and Economic Development, whom many hope will stand for the Presidency at the next elections, has described leaders within the ranks of the ruling party as dictators and selfish individuals bent on serving their interests first instead of those

of the people of Zimbabwe. He also described the land reform programme, which the country embarked on in 2000, as a complete failure. Makoni, who is a member of the Zanu (PF) Central Committee and Politburo socked party leaders from Manicaland Province and traditional leaders when he castigated the haphazard manner in which the land reform programme was conducted. Makoni was invited to speak on behalf of Lands minister, Didymus Mutasa, at a recent function organised by the governor of Manicaland, Tinaye Chigudu, at his farm in Makoni District. Before launching his blistering attack, Makoni requested permission to speak on his own behalf instead of representing Mutasa. “What I am going to say here is not what he was going to say but these are my own words which must not be linked to him,” said Makoni. “Why is it that after the country embarked on the land reform programme there has been hunger in the country? Let us not blame it on droughts but on our greedy leadership. It is very embarrassing for a country like Zimbabwe to go and beg for food from countries like Malawi, but it is now happening.” Makoni said infrastructure did not just come from heaven. Some people would have worked tirelessly to build such houses but some Zimbabweans only wanted to get such huge investments for free, he said amid a deafening silence. He also described the leadership as lazy, greedy and corrupt. “I am happy for Minister Mutasa’s failure to grace this important occasion because it gave me a rare opportunity to say what I feel about my country,” he said. – CAJ News

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