SA clergy appeals to Mbeki

HAYFIELD Ministers Fraternal, a congregational movement in South Africa, has appealed to its country's government to exert pressure on the Zimbabwean government to adhere to human rights and put an end to the oppression of political opponents ahead of next year's crucial election.
The clergy said they were starting a prayer movement to pray for the end of injustices in Zimbabwe and restoration of democracy in the crisis riddled country.

“We appeal to church leaders to continue to raise this topic on the highest ecumenical levels and to publicly and privately encourage church leadership in Zimbabwe in their difficult stand,” said Hayfield.

The Hayfield Ministers stance comes hot on the heels of deliberations by Synod, which reflected on the plight of Zimbabweans, both in Zimbabwe and those living in South Africa.

It hit out at the manner in which Zimbabweans were not accepted as refugees in the country, where they are regarded as illegal aliens and hence are not permitted to work and earn an income.  

“The rulers seem to have lost all sanity and are systematically destroying their country and people,” Synod said.

Socioeconomic commentator, Shepherd Mpofu hailed the initiative by the churchmen, adding that the church had a key role to play in the solution to the Zimbabwean crisis.

2010 FIFA World Cup and housing projects. If they frustrate them then its a license for them to be in crime,” he said.

“The Synod needs to strategically partner itself with progressive and like minded church leaders in Zimbabwe. Otherwise they will remain a talking club that has no results to put on the table,” Mpofu said. – CAJ News

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