Security chief puts curse on Mugabe

Revelations by a Chinhoyi man detailing how Security Minister Didymus Mutasa, performed bizarre rituals in a bid to succeed Robert Mugabe, have stirred controversy within Zanu (PF).

Details of the matter came to light when Jeremiah Mambo Jenami, a farmer and spiritualist, issued a notice of intention to sue the Police Commissioner for harassment. Jenami alleges he has been severely prejudiced by the actions of the police who are persistently harassing him since he made it known to Mugabe that Mutasa wanted him gone.

Mutasa’s alleged involvement in the rituals are said to have angered Mugabe who, according to press reports, is considering replacing him with Emmerson Mnangagwa.

According to Jenami’s affidavit, Mutasa visited him and controversial spirit medium Nomatter Tagarira at their Maningwa hills kraal and sought a curse to eliminate Mugabe spiritually.

Tagarira is being accused of unlawfully getting a farm from government after duping ministers with false claims of diesel flowing in the Maningwa Hills

Jenami says Mutasa made it clear he wanted to assume the reigns of the party. He claims Mugabe got wind of Mutasa’s escapades after summoning the spiritualist to State house.

Journalist Walter Marwizi who spoke to Jenami says the revelations confirm press reports that Mugabe was considering axing Mutasa.

“Jenami claims Mutasa spend long periods of spiritual cleansing in the Maningwa hills preparing to get into power. The purposes of the rituals were to ensure Mugabe was taken out of the way, giving way for Mutasa to take over,” Marwizi said.

“After the rituals were over, Jenami says Mutasa took them to his farm where he showered them with presents. He identified these as a black cow that was given to the spirit medium, one sheep with a black head, one ewe white in colour, a female goat and two 50kg of sugar beans and ground nuts. He also allegedly gave them two 50kg of rice.”

Neither Mutasa nor Jenami could be reached for comment. – SW Radio Africa

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