Terror troops withdrawn as prices soar

Robert Mugabe's terror troops have virtually disappeared from the market-place following the government's abortive and violent price control exercise that failed utterly to achieve anything but further suffering for most Zimbabweans.
Prices of the few available remaining goods are more than killing the general consumer, a survey by The Zimbabwean this week revealed.

“We have no option but to charge realistic prices,” a manager with Food World supermarket in Harare city centre said. “We are reviewing prices on a daily basis mainly because we should catch up with market trends following the period when we incurred huge losses by selling stock at prices below 50% of the costs. In addition, we are also buying at highly increased prices from suppliers.”

A portion of sadza and beef which was selling at Z$320 000 in the supermarket last week on Wednesday was going for Z$815 000 this Monday. A bar of laundry soap increased in price from last week’s $600 000 to $1,3 million. These are just some of the very few available commodities.

“We have been left with one hope, and that is in God himself who probably is waiting for a certain time to intervene on our situation, otherwise, we are in real trouble,” James Gushe, a security guard in Harare said. “I am currently earning $8 million and the rent for a one room I am renting has been increased from $2 million to $4 million.”

Transport operators have also increased their fares in the past two weeks by more than 300%, with commuter omnibuses in Harare now charging up to $300 000 for the shortest distances up from the $50 000 Mugabe’s agents enforced before they disappeared.  

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe is yet to review the latest cost of the consumer basket or the basic requirements for an average family, expected to be well above $40 million from the previous figures below $20 million. The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union also says the Poverty Datum Line is in the ranges of $40 to $50 million following the recent wave of chaotic price increases.

“The people are suffering and it is getting worse. The regime is totally clueless as to how to handle the consequences of its madness,” MDC (Tsvangirai) spokesman Nelson Chamisa said.  

But still the Mugabe regime fights on: “We are still monitoring the situation and will take action on those charging above stipulated prices, the exercise will never stop,” said Industry minister Obert Mpofu, the chief architect of the violent campaign against manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. – Itai Dzamara

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