The longer we keep quiet, the more complicit we become

While it is encouraging that President Mbeki and Deputy President Mlambo-Ngcuka have both been in contact with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and Vice President Joyce Mujuru, it woul

d be far more reassuring if our country was advised what our representatives told their Zimbabwean counterparts.
Zimbabwe is fast approaching meltdown point; millions of Zimbabweans have already sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Millions more are expected if this crisis is allowed to continue. Zimbabwe has reached a point where millions do not have enough to eat and yet while this goes on, our government continues treating Robert Mugabe as an honoured elder statesman instead of the disastrous leader that he is.
President Mbeki should consider South African public opinion. It is not only the two million DA supporters who are appalled at conditions in Zimbabwe; millions of people within that country and in other African countries share the feeling that action is necessary to bring Robert Mugabe’s government face to face with the political realities.
In the final event, it is only the Zimbabweans who can solve their problems. Such a solution is not helped while SA and many other countries pursue quiet diplomacy which Robert Mugabe regards as silent acquiesce.

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