Veterans march for love not money

Sibanda drums up support for Mugabe
BULAWAYO - War veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda has scoffed at reports that former freedom fighters were paid substantial amounts to hold pro-Mugabe marches in the provinces.
"There are some people who want to tear the party apart along tribal lines, while others want to pursue their greedy agendas," said Sibanda in a telephone interview with The Zimbabwean last week. "Those are the people who want President Mugabe to go, but all those will fai

Sibanda emerged from a three-year political obscurity to lead war veterans in marches to drum up support for Mugabe.

He said that those with reservations about their provincial marches should take their issues to the 83-year-old leader who, he said, had given them the mandate to hold the marches in support of his candidature.

He also scoffed at those within the party’s provincial executive who wanted him out, saying that he was no longer suspended from the party.

“The President invited me into these marches because he has faith in me. As far as I am concerned, he lifted my suspension and those who challenge that should talk to him. I am back in the party with a bang and the sell-outs are afraid that very soon I will expose their corrupt practices in public,” he added.

Sibanda said his main focus was ensuring that all provinces supported Mugabe’s candidature, adding that he would only focus on his personal status within the party when the right time came.

Political analysts have accused Mugabe of organising  the marches as an attempt to silence dissent within Zanu (PF).

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