Zanu councillors desert

Six Zanu (PF) councillors have deserted their constituencies in the rural areas of Matabeleland North province since the beginning of this month, in a clear admission by the ruling party officials that life in the country is not as rosy as they are trying to make the rest of the world to believe.

According to Zanu (PF) sources in Matabaleland North, three councillors deserted their constituencies in Lupane district, while the other three also deserted their posts at Umguza district between October 1 and 10 this year, citing the country’s economic decline as their main reasons.

“They all left without resigning, but some of them had always complained that they were finding it difficult to feed their families on the paltry allowances they were getting from their councils. Councillors do not earn fixed salaries, but allowances depending on what assignments they would have carried out. They mostly get these after travelling outside their constituencies while on duty and these felt that this was not enough,” said a party source to The Zimbabwean over the weekend.

The source added that the six councillors are believed to have illegally crossed the border into neighbouring South Africa, to pursue better fortunes.

“They are said to have sold cattle and used the money to pay for carriers that we believe must have transported them across the border into South Africa, where they have relatives. Nothing has been done to replace them as yet,” added the source. – Bayethe Zitha

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