John Makumbe
Robert Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) can deny it all they want but the truth of the matter is that they have totally failed to run this country. In 27 years all they have done is steal, rob, murder and torture the citizens of this country at every turn. There is no single sector of the national livelihood that they have not ruined.

At the time of writing most schoolteachers are either on go slow or on strike. After being cheated back to work last month, the teachers found out that the amount of money they had been promised by the tyrannical regime had also been so heavily taxed by the same regime that they actually received very little. There is currently very little teaching going on in most schools throughout the country. Indeed, some secondary school students have since left their boarding schools and returned home to their parents.

Parents throughout this country will eventually be forced to consider alternative ways of educating their children. Are we to send our children to neighbouring countries for primary and secondary education? Should we consider hiring teachers to come and teach our children at home? These may be far-fetched ideas, but we now face the real problem that the future of our children is in danger under the education system being provided by the dictator.

Enemeas Chigwedere, the minister of Education and Culture, has suddenly gone very quiet. Stan Ivanovich Mudenge, minister of Higher Education, may have lost his voice, or he is desperately keeping well away from all kinds of microphones. He may be in hospital. The problem with the Mugabe regime is that the majority of his cabinet ministers are actively sick and unfit to run this country. That may be one of the reasons why Mugabe does most of the damage, or with Gideon’s help.

The same collapsed situation seems to be applying to most clinics and hospitals throughout the country. Most nurses are currently either on go slow or on strike. Some simply fail to make it to work due to lack of transport money. In the health institutions there are no drugs, no gloves and no doctors. In some cases there is no food for the patients, and their relatives have to bring both food and medicines to the hospitals, otherwise the patients will receive no treatment.

Meanwhile mortuaries are filled to the brim as the cost of dying has escalated beyond affordability for most families. It is an indictment on the evil Mugabe regime that sick people can now only purchase very serious drugs on the black market. It appears that some pharmacists are now finding it more lucrative to sell their imported drugs on the black market rather than through the normal channels in regulated pharmacies. The dictator pays a blind eye to all of these goings-on while keeping a tight lid on the dubious state media.

Jabulani Sibanda and wild Chinos can march with the war vets all they want, but there is no sane Zimbabwean who will support Robert Mugabe come the 2008 elections. Short of rigging, Mugabe will be voted out of office by an embarrassingly wide margin, if the political playing field will be even, and if the electoral process will have been transformed to effect free and fair elections.

Last week, the war vets closed Mupedzanhamo and Musika in Mbare, Harare, and forced all the traders to march to the Harare Provincial offices of Zanu (PF) in “support” of Mugabe’s presidential nomination. The idea was to make the thousands of reluctant vendors march from the provincial offices to the Zanu (PF) headquarters. The atmosphere was tense since most of the forced marchers were very angry. It was eventually realised that the forced marchers could easily riot before reaching the preferred destination where the Zanu (PF) Central Committee was meeting. The city centre march was therefore aborted, and stupid Midzi was asked to address the reluctant marchers. What a shame.

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