Fabric shortages delay Mugabe’s election campaign

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe came face to face with the result of his price
blitz that forced businesses to slash prices, amid reports
that his election campaign has been delayed by fabric shortages that
hampered the production of drapes and T-shirts.

ZANU (PF) Minister for Women Affairs, Gender and Community

Development, Oppah Muchinguri, confirmed here at a rally to drum up

support for Mugabe that the shortages of clothing material had

affected their campaign drive, leaving the party without an option

except to print just a few regalia.

This has left claims that Mugabe has shot himself in the foot by

undertaking the blitz, dubbed “Dzikisa Mutengo/Reduce Prices”, almost

coming closer to reality as many businesses have closed shop and left

the country for other investor-friendly nations.

“We were supposed to have all the regalia prepared by now so that all

the party structures would have them, but due to the shortages of

linen, we could not manage. So we are just showing you samples which

will be distributed later,” she said.

Muchinguri revealed that there were no companies left in the country

that were still processing linen and other clothing materials.

“There are few, if any companies left in the country that are still

processing clothing materials so that we can sew party regalia for all

our party structures,” she added.

The party regalia include T-shits, formal shirts, caps, drapes and

scarf’s with Mugabe’s face on the front, which is viewed as markers of

his presence in the rural areas.

The same party regalia are also used to buy votes to the rural people,

who either cannot afford to buy new clothes, or are affected by the

shortages in the shops caused by the disastrous operation-CAJ News.

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