SA police abduct student leader

 KZN:The Secretary General of the Zimbabwe youth formation in South Africa, Revolutionary Youth Movement has alerted The Zimbabwean that he was picked up and tortured at KwaZulu Natal University recently whilst making preparations for the much anticipated demonstration.

 John Chikwari who is in KZN preparing for a massive demonstration meant to push back children of ministers and top army officials to Zimbabwe studying at the University of KwaZulu Natal on presidential scholarship as they allege that these children are unscrupulously benefiting from the corrupt acts of President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

I was arrested on Thursday around   8am when I was entering the KwaZulu Natal gate to sort out the acknowledgement letter from the relevant authorities for the submission of the petition on the demonstration day.

 He also added that,

 I was taken by three men whom I believe are Zanu pf C10 who drove me to Escort a small town from Durban and moved further for almost twenty kilometers near Kwazulu Natal Shoe Company which is situated in a farm.

 They tied me all my hands and tied my mouth so that I could not speak nor see .I was interrogated by quiet a number these men, whilst beating me, they did not give me anything to eat till Sunday.

 The exasperated Chikwari went ahead in explaining his ordeal as saying,

 On Saturday evening they left me in a sealed room and they all went out  that is when I managed to untie myself  and escape the hell  and it seems that the place is busy with these men.

 Chikwari also claims that he walked by foot almost 21 Km to Escort town through the forests as he was afraid to be recognized if he used the main road.

 The RYM founding member who has been mobilizing demonstrations around Johannesburg over the past three months says he was robbed of his my and other belongings,

 I lost R300 and my cell phone and do suspect that it disappeared the time these people were beating me which I suspect was meant to disconnect me with my contacts, Chikwari lamented in an interview with The Zimbabwean.

 In the past months the RYM has managed to hold demonstrations at Milpark hospital were the senior police chief of Zimbabwe, Bothwell Mugariri was being treated and also did another demonstration at the Zimbabwean embassy in Pretoria over worsening human rights abuses in the country and also another one at Witwatersrand University as they called on the University authorities to expel all students with Zanu PF links.


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