Sibanda threatens Zanu ‘old guard’

BULAWAYO - A faction led by war veterans' chairman, Jabulani Sibanda is planning to disrupt Saturday's elections to choose a substantive Zanu (PF) Bulawayo provincial executive in protest over a 'fraudulent' restructuring exercise in recent polls for grassroots structures that weakened Sibanda's grip in the province.

Sibanda’s faction in Bulawayo suffered a major setback last month after it was defeated in district executive elections by another camp supported by politburo and central committee members, among them party chairman John Nkomo, Dumiso Dabengwa and Sikhanyiso Ndlovu.

Authoritative sources in the Sibanda camp said the faction is planning to disrupt Saturday’s elections to choose a substantive executive as it is up in arms with the Zanu-PF old guard for allegedly manipulating the exercise to ensure that the interim executive, which has their backing, is retained at all costs.

“We are going to disrupt elections as there is controversy over the way new districts were created following the restructuring exercise. The so-called restructuring exercise was a fraud and masterminded by the party’s old guard,” said an insider.

“We cannot allow the party to be run by a few misguided individuals through a fragrant violation of the party’s constitution.”

Sibanda told The Zimbabwean: “We are not going to allow a situation where card carrying members are denied a right to exercise their democratic right to choose an executive they want. The problems in Bulawayo are caused by Nkomo and Dabengwa who are trying to push through their puppets into the executive, something we are against.” – Rugare Ncube

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