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Behaviour of ANC delegates today
Reports emanating from the ANC's 52nd Conference at Polokwane today are deeply disturbing. Conference delegates must realise that the whole world is watching the proceedings. Their disruptive behaviour reflects on the whole country, not just on them or on their party.

What will the world conclude about delegates who sing, Bring me my machine gun – and that on the official Day of Reconciliation? What conclusion will the world draw when delegates shout down the conference chairperson, or when they laugh and shout comments during the President’s opening speech?


For the sake of South Africa, ANC delegates must show dignity and mutual respect at this critical conference.


I can understand why the President and others lamented this state of affairs.  While it is acceptable and normal for politicians to show ambition and work to advance their careers, there are honest ways of doing so, and there are dishonest and unacceptable ways of doing so.  Many ANC career-builders seem unable to tell the difference.  It is a sad day indeed for the country.  The contest for the top job has become a battle for access to perks of various offices, and the institutions of state, to use against their opponents.


This undermines both the spirit and letter of the Constitution.  It is tragic that this should happen at all – and for it to come to a head on Reconciliation Day, merely reinforces the irony.



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