There is nothing for free from Zanu (PF)

EDITOR – Zanu (PF) has realised that no amount of intimidation and brutal killing will award them victory in the upcoming elections, so they have poured trillions of dollars into creating conflicts within the organisations fighting for a new Zimbabwe. My advice to those who have received this money is to desist from using dirty money, for the payback will be dreadful and bloody.  

Zanu (PF) will never give anything for free and its acts are well known as part of a project to destroy people’s hope.


For the sekurus and ambuyas

EDITOR – Allow me to say this in our mother tongue for the sake of the majority of our sekurus and ambuyas who still carry out Zanu activities and vote for the party.

Vanhu huye munondishamisa! Kubvamatyakuudza Mugabe kuti tabva kure newe

uchitimanikidza kukutevera nekuitazvidozvako pasina chinobuda, basa

nderekushandisa vana kuita mabasa ekushungurudza vanhu ivo vachingosara vari varombo kudarika vanhu vose. Ukuwo kana akanga aiine chinhu haachisina

Mugabe uchingoita basa rekumukira kuparamende kunoita mitemo yekutorera

vanhu zvishoma zvavangavainazvo, sezvawakaita uchitra mapurazi nemafemu

zvinowapedza ndokupinda kwatiri?

Kutyayi kunoita kuti munhu akakubatira demo unomurerekera mutsiba kuti

asanetseka kukuuraya? Chokwadi vanhu vose vezanu muri mbwende zinoshamisa.

Bva zvamateerera nekutya rufu zvino muchfa rufu zviro kwazvo nenhamo. Chero ma wovheti nemabhodhagezi nemaCIO nemasoja murimbwende dzinotoda kubikirwa dororechivanhu kuti mubve chiri kumeso. Makoremangani

muchingoridza mhere murimudzimba kana mobuda mopukutsa misodzi mwene se munozvida huri umbwende.

Zvino zvamunorega Mugabe achikuvambirai hondo muchaiwona tsvuku. Nekuti vana veZimbabwe mavarega vachisvitswa pakadarika pavakasvitswa na Smith

pavakambovamba imwe hondo. Tsungai moyo chero makambotenda kunyengerwa nezvamunoziva muite mamwemaitiro andisinganyori pano muchaona achifuma akatiza.

Ndini mwanawevhu anonzi Ndumureyengozi Shumba


My condolences

EDITOR – We continue to be hurt by the brutality and unruly behaviour of the Mugabe regime. Who does not have eyes to see; who does not have ears to hear of the worst ever dilemma Zimbabwe is in.  

It’s a shame we are scattered all over the world running away from tyranny, yet some elements still stick to the ruling unmerciful regime of comrade Robert Mugabe.  

We have lost our sense of belonging. We have lost dignity and families have been deprived of their beloved ones. We are loaded with fury that we have lost Amai Catherine Murauro. Rest in peace Amai – we continue the job and our voices continue to be heard from the disapora.


A thousand splendid suns

EDITOR – Well a whole year has come and gone once again, and there seems to be very little respite in sight for Zimbabweans. I would like to commend all the

Zimbabweans who have bravely weathered the storm, and survived the brutality

of that despot Mugabe and his illegal regime.  

We all know it is the festive season – a time for all to be jolly and forget about all their worries and troubles. Really, though, what is there to be happy and jolly about in Zimbabwe? The depressing saga continues. Rape, starvation and killings continue unabated.

The situation in Zimbabwe is not a normal one, when people who are supposed

to be productive are  spending a whole lot of valuable time and energy on running around looking for food, which is one of their basic fundamental human rights.   

I challenge all Zimbabweans, whatever corner of the globe you are in, to be active. We all have a responsibility to be part of the plan of action for

Zimbabwe. We must be the custodians of change that will bring back the vibrancy and that rich melting pot of cultural diversity that will once again make us all very proud to stand tall and say with confidence that we are proud Zimbabweans.  

My fellow Zimbabweans, it is a time for new beginnings. May you all be richly blessed. May God hold you in his hand in 2008.  And may there be a thousand splendid suns.


Why only men from the east?

EDITOR – There is an inadvertent internal “look east” attitude in the politics in Zim of late, which a lot of people might not be aware of. The cadres at the forefront happen to be all men from the east, namely Tsvangirai, Makoni and Mutambara, all from Manicaland.

Although I am a born, bred and buttered easterner, I would like the nation to rid itself of the mentality that only easterners can deliver us from the Zezuruvian ills. Whereas I have nothing whatsoever against Mutambara and Tsvangirai (in fact I revere them for standing up against a demonic regime which the majority of yellow Zimbos dare not do), I need to emphasise the dangers of trusting Makoni.

The man himself is still a member of the Zany politburo, thus much in touch with that party’s hooligans. He has been in and out of the government of Rwavhi, making himself as bad as any of Zany cadres. Wasn`t he terrified to work for a government looking for Nkomo`s head during the 1980s? Was it morally okay for him to again serve a government that was bashing, dragooning and murdering opponents in 2000? I never heard his voice against any of those vices – meaning to say that the man is only fond of power at whatever cost. What, then, will make him different from Rwavhi himself?  

Let’s try to avoid the Kenyan scenario where they voted in ex-Kanu cadres and what did they get in return? Same old aftertaste of corruption unabated.

So, I say be wary of easterners. I am still collecting information on Mushohwe, which I will unleash in my next letter.


Dying old men need young blood

EDITOR – It’s sad indeed, the situation prevailing at home at the moment. I’m only 22, but I’ve had to run from that country which I love. I write with a bitter heart since, like millions of my fellow countrymen, I escaped the jaws of hunger, queues, senseless money and unalloyed dictatorship to flee down south.

For all the youth that know what’s good for them, they should simply leave Mugabe’s country and only return when it becomes their country, and God knows one day it will be our country, How much more damage can a bunch of dying old men do without the support of young blood? Lord help all the people still at home.

MUNYA, by email

Books for rural children

EDITOR – As the world continues to move forward with new technological developments, I often ask myself whether there is hope for the socially, economically, culturally and marginalised rural schools and communities.  

That is why I am advocating the provision of books and reading materials for the poorly equipped and book starved communities here in Zimbabwe. This is the focus of voluntary work as a librarian, to address the issue of rural schools which are information poor, to ensure that schools will one day have a library to support the teaching and learning process.  

In these times of economic stress, few professionals have the heart and determination to pursue such an assignment. However, I am encouraged by the untapped talent in rural schools and hunger for books out there. I am happy to say that, through my efforts, I was so privileged to get a credit line to buy children’s books – 58 books in all – from Weaver Press here in Harare.  

My heartfelt thanks go out to that kind donor in the UK. Our children are our heritage, if we give them a beginning to explore, to discover, to learn and to have knowledge then we have will have created a better world for the next generation. The kind donor has given me inspiration to do this work, to touch that poor rural child, who will one day have a life full of meaning.  

H. TOKWE, Harare

Destroying Matabeleland

EDITOR – “We will work to under-develop Matabeleland,” so said a Zanu (PF) cabinet minister.

It is not surprising that the people of Matabeleland are being deprived of some of the essentials, such as water. It’s just a fulfilment of what Mnangangwa said.  

1. The Zambezi water project has been deliberately allowed to fail by the Zanu (PF) Government and this trend is still being continued by minister Mutezo. A city cannot develop without water and, therefore, the Government dragged its feet in attending the Zambezi water project so that companies in Bulawayo would close.  

In addition to this, the centralisation of government activities in Harare delays any process by any entrepreneur in Bulawayo. After independence, Bulawayo was flourishing and was one of the smartest cities in Southern Africa.

2. In Matabeleland, the education system was made in such a way that after high school, one could become nothing more than a simple teacher. In particular, Matabeleland North A level schools were introduced in the early ’90s. This proves that Mugabe has not cared about education in the region for the past 10 years. The best way of achieving the agenda of under-developing a region is to deny it education.

I think Binga has suffered most under the Mugabe regime and we will not hesitate to vote against tyranny. I don’t expect a single sober person in Matabeleland to vote for Zanu (PF).

Professors may mention the participation of people from Matabeleland, such as Dumiso Dabengwa, Welshman Mabhena, Jacob mudenda Sikhanyiso

Ndlovu, John Nkomo and others, in regional politics. These guys could not

talk about education and water because their mouths were filled with crumbs

of bread from Robert Mugabe’s bin. The only gentleman who could talk was

Sydney Malunga. who was butchered by a mere wolf in sheepskin (accident

+ dog = Mugabe’s agents).

3. The only teacher training colleges found in Matabeleland were made to offer Shona language. I’m not saying it’s bad that Shona be taught in Matabeleland, but as other languages cannot be taught in Mashonaland, Masvingo, Mutare and Midlands, there is no point to force colleges in Matabeleland to offer Shona. I suspect this was so people in the region did not get chance to promote their culture.  

Then, there is the recent construction of the Lupane State University, which is made to blindfold people in the region to vote for Zanu (PF). We have suffered far too long. We are not ready to listen to your lies. The university is likely to offer programmes that will not recruit locals since very few schools in the region offer science subjects. But anyway, thanks for the empty buildings, even if the education system has been eroded by the Zanu (PF) thugs.  

4. Gukurahudi: The brutal killing of people in Matabeleland was to eliminate the able-bodied so as to impede development in the region. One madness was the labelling of an unborn baby as a dissident, which led to the slaughter of pregnant women. We all know that “wantinta umufazi, wantinta imbokodo.” So, women you can remove Mugabe by making sure that you spread the news whenever you are dishing food to your family, neighbours, or attending kitchen parties, baby showers and church services that we must vote for President Tsvangirai.

5. The Affirmative Action Group (AAG), also a wolf in sheep’s clothing, came to

Bulawayo to buy companies and then relocate them to Harare. AAG was used to loot the government assets and only benefited few individuals.

Mutambara must go and contest as senate or member of parliament in his constituency. As for Welshman Ncube, Fletcher Dulini Ncube, Gibson Sibanda and Paul Themba Nyathi, please go and contest as MPs in your constituencies. Then we will discuss the issue of governing after we have removed Mugabe. President Tsvangirai is a man of integrity. I don’t think he can totally ignore you guys. This will save us from the confusion of names during elections. I can imagine the split of votes in Binga – not that they wanted to vote for Mutambara, but because the name MDC is shared.  

VICKSON MUNDIA, MDC Secretary: South African Province.

The people must stop Mugabe

EDITOR – The last two weeks saw two major developments that have a bearing on the future of Zimbabwe as a nation. The first is that President Mugabe attended the EU-Africa summit where he repeated the same claims that problems in Zimbabwe are a result of the interference of the West in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe.  

Although he was criticised by some EU leaders, his African brothers were quick to his defence, a foretaste of how the proposed Peer Review System is going to work. Before the summit, many African leaders had argued that Mugabe should be invited so that the world could engage him on the problems in his country, but no sooner had the appalling human rights situation in Zimbabwe been raised by Chancellor Merkel than the true colours of the leaders come out.  

Some argued that Europe should leave Mugabe to Africa because they had no understanding of African democracy, whatever this means. For seven years, Africa has failed to rein in Mugabe and, in the process, failed the masses of Zimbabwe.  

The second development was the Zanu (PF) special congress, which endorsed Mugabe’s candidature and declared him ‘Life President’. While it was widely expected that the congress would endorse Mugabe, there was an outside chance that someone would challenge Mugabe or at least voice concern at the rate at which conditions in the country are deteriorating.  

But nobody had the courage, giving credence to Margaret Dongo’s claim that all in Zanu PF are Mugabe’s ‘wives’.  

The only available way is to vote resoundingly against Mugabe in the forthcoming elections. Although the odds are against the people, we have no option but to try.  

To stop Mugabe, we should stop waiting for the politicians to call campaign rallies but rather each one of us should act as an agent provocateur for change. It is only the use of word of mouth where families talk to family members, neighbours to neighbours and friends to friends. It is only through mass mobilisation within our immediate micro-cells that the fire for change can be ignited.  

This election can be a watershed, regardless of what rigging mechanisms Mugabe has put in place, if the all the people who are angry at having no jobs, no water, no electricity and no food go and vote. It is sheer numbers that will stop Mugabe. The people now have only themselves to blame if Mugabe retains power.


Dialogue, not insults and monologue

EDITOR – Zimbabwean Ministers cannot discharge themselves of their responsibility to the Zimbabwean masses by insulting anyone who dares point out the current suffering.

Sikhanyiso Ndlovu’s response to Angela Merkel’s comments at the EU-Africa summit in Lisbon is despicable and totally unacceptable. It demonstrates the impertinence of the minister and of the regime he represents. To refer to someone as a fascist’ and Nazi remnant is deplorable by any measure of civilisation particularly in African Ubuntu.

Angela Merkel, Baroness Amos etc were perfectly entitled to express their views on the current socio-economic climate in Zimbabwe. What should be understood is that they are championing the cause of Europe, the cause that ensures that the majority of European citizens have food to eat, an affordable health care and education system, have jobs and all other basic human rights. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the leaders in Zimbabwe or Africa as a whole.

I am still anxious to know what the Zimbabwean Government needs from Europe. Can a partnership be developed with any of these countries? It is universally acknowledged that in our globalising world, no country can stand alone – particularly when your country’s vital statistics boast of millions starving, and 80 per cent unemployed.  

As a proud African, I want a leader that fights for an African child’s right

to eat, to healthcare, to employment, to education, to freedom of association and movement, to freedom of speech, to freedom of choice.

The disdain with which Angela Merkel has been treated is the same disdain that the Zimbabwe Government has shown to its own citizens. Such behaviour should be condemned by all those that value humanity.

MDCUK Information and Publicity Department

Mugabe needs to watch out for Jacob Zuma

EDITOR – It was a foregone conclusion that President Robert Mugabe would once again be endorsed unopposed at the December 2007 Zanu (PF) congress at Victoria Falls. However, there is another congress coming up down south, and it is a distinct possibility that the ANC’s Jacob Zuma, who has the support of five provinces against President Thabo Mbeki’s four, could take over as the party’s supremo.  

Zuma is certainly tipped for the Presidency of South Africa in 2008. This must be somewhat unsettling for Mugabe, as Zuma (being a Zulu) is unforgiving about the Matabele massacres inflicted on his brothers in the 1980s. Oh, how the wheels of fortune can turn around, especially in Africa!


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