Two ways to Zim: policy decisions and leadership

One of the critical elements of the plan of this terrorist group (the Boeremag - an Afrikaner right wing faction) was to drive all black people through the N1 Highway to Zimbabwe, via Limpopo. This, according to the plan, would result in the creation of a Purist Boere Republic of South Afrca, where Afrikaners would presumably leave in peace. No black problem; no trouble, so thought the racial purist proponents.

The problem with the plan though is that, as far as I can recall, it never mentnioned why Zimbabwe was chosen as the fitting place for black people. Did it mean that black people originated from Zimbabwe, a country to which they had to be returned? Or was it because Zimbabwe has been so much ruined by Bob Mugabe that only us black people deserve to live there? Now long before the origins of the Boeremag, it was the radical elements within the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania which had a policy of driving white people off the land – back to the sea, from where they came. Now that was understandable, though unjustifiable: white people did indeed arrive in South Africa via the sea.

These thoughts are those of Brendan Boyle writing in the Times (South Africa)

Now, why am I fussing about all of this? It is because I have been thinking of hitting the N1 to Polokwane, the capital of Limpopo. Not for reasons of the Boeremag though. I am not going to Zimbabwe. I am not about to until Bob Mugabe’s country holds its usual symbolic election next year, which, as well all know require no political analyst to speculate who the winner would be. There is always and there will always be one winner of the elections in Zimbabwe. Mugabe and his cronies will win the elections until Jesus Christ comes back to earth, to borrow from Jacob Zuma. No. I am not going to Zim as yet. I am going to attend the ANC national conference. The question is whether the decisions to be taken and the leadership to be elected, will effectively detour me to Zimbabwe.

There are two ways in which we could be led to Zimbabwe via Polokwane: policy decisions and leadership to be elected. On the latter part, I am afraid that both presidential candidates, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, are not a solution to avoid a Zimbabwean problem.

If Mbeki wins, we just become another Banana Republic where someone rules the country forever through stealth – via surrogates or poodles. In this scenario we, the people of this republic, serve under Mbeki’s fiefdom, legitimised by regular elections.

If Zuma wins, people fear populist policies which could lead to fiscal indiscipline supposedly because Zuma owes much to the leftist grouping. According to this scenario we will, as a republic, get bankrupt. But will the conference pass such policies?

If both candidates are viewed in accordance with this lens, then we don’t have a real choice. But our latest reports of bribery, intimidating people that they may lose their jobs or tenders if they vote for Zuma, suggest that Mbeki may have tested more of Bob’s medicine than Zuma. Well who knows? That’s the difficulty of trying to make sense out of comparing two faulty candidates. Anyway what ever happens, I will hate it if on my way to Polokwane, I unwittingly find myself in Bob’s land. No! I am going to the University of Limpopo, bit southward; not north. What the Boeremag failed to implement should not find its way via a self-proclaimed progressive organisation called the ANC.

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