Zimbabwe’s request for funds

The turning down of Zimbabwe's application by teh
Global Fund has left the Zanu (PF) regime stuck in a
very precarious position as it battles to secure funds
 required for HIV/AIDS and tuberclosis

Health minister, David Parirenyatwa told The

Zimbabwean that “we don’t know what to do, we are

really in a very difficult position”. The Global Fund

recently turned down Zimbabwe’s request for funds,

amidst reports the country has to first account for

previous grants. There have been reports of the Zanu

(PF) regime diverting funds obtained from the Global

Fund to other uses, mainly its political survival


Parirenyatwa added that he now hopes the Globl FUnd

would approve when the country relaunches its request.

Battling with hyperinflation and drastically falling

foreign currency receipts, Zimbabwe finds itself in a

very difficult situation in the fight against AIDS and

TB. The health delivery system has virtually

collapsed, typified by a lack of drugs in the

hospitals whilst nurses and doctors have left in large numbers.

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