Committee to grill Gono

Committee to grill Gono

HARARE - Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono will appear before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance and Budget next Monday to provide names of senior Zanu (PF) officials that he claims are cash barons.

He is also expected to be grilled about the central bank’s appalling ineptitude and alleged corruption in the RBZ.

The acting chairman of the Finance and Budget Parliamentary committee, Daniel Mackenzie-Ncube, provisionally appointed this week to stand in for fugitive committee chairman David Butau – who fled to the UK last month after being fingered in illegal foreign currency deals – confirmed that Gono was indeed appearing before the committee Monday.

We are eager to dialogue with him on cash barons, the worsening shortages, and many other issues, he said.

Gono told the nation in a televised address to introduce higher denomination banknotes last month: I would be happy to name these people (Zanu (PF) officials) in a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance. If they (Parliamentary Committee) have the guts, they can call me tomorrow, anytime, whether it is 6am, 12 noon or midnight and I would be happy to share with them and the nation. Let them call me and I will name these guys in the presence of the media.

The Zimbabwean heard that among the range of issues Gono was expected to be grilled on was his donation of all the vehicles used in the Sunrise 2 project to the ruling Zanu (PF) party.

He is also expected to provide answers on the RBZ’s role in helping former RBZ advisor Jonathan Kadzura to escape criminal prosecution by tainting police evidence.

Kadzura was fingered in court as the mastermind of a black market racket that wanted to exchange Z$10 billion for US dollars, but the RBZ destroyed the evidence by returning the notes into circulation with recording the serial numbers.

Gono is also expected to be quizzed on the circumstance surrounding the release of Z$7trillion to some obscure broking firm, Flatwater Investments, that later used the money to buy foreign currency on the black market.

Ncube said MPs would take Gono to task over the RBZ’s alleged black market deals and flouting of tender procedures.

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