Students at Bulawayo Polytechnic today demonstrated over the continued decline of educational standards in the country,   lack of the rule of law and demand for a  fre

Students from other tertiary institutions in Bulawayo were part of the demonstrators under the banner of Zimbabwe National Students Union.The general meeting which had been scheduled for 10 a.m failed to take place because of heavy armed riot police officers who intimidated students and forced everyone to disperse.This also resulted in the CID Law and Order officers briefly arresting the treasurer of ZINASU Themba Maphenduka and the Information and publicity secretary Blessing Vava who were however released on condition that they  should leave Bulawayo as a matter of urgency. The two were labeled terrorists who want to cause mayhem in colleges in the city.The general meeting was the scheduled for 1330hours at the college dining hall were the two Vava and Maphenduka addressed about 1500 students who later on boycotted the food being served in the dining hall referring to it as dog menu.’Students chanted revolutionary songs and proceeded to converge at the administration block demanding an urgent address by the college Principal Petros Themba Ndlovu.The principal locked himself in his office and this prompted  the riot police to disperse the crowd.Several students were injured during the process.

Maphenduka was then dramatically re-arrested and accused of inciting students.Maphenduka was arrested together with the secretary general of the National University of Science and Technology and four other students from the Bulawayo polytechnic. Police have since launched a manhunt for the ZINASU spokesperson Blessing Vava,whom, they are keen to interview. Students at Bulawayo polytechnic accused the government of neglecting its socio economic and political responsibility.Victimization has reached alarming levels at the institution as the principal addressed students yesterday  forcing them not to attend todays meeting.The SRC President Emmanuel Mabuda was forced to sign a resignation letter in the presence of 5 CID Law and Order officers who were wielding guns and threatened him with death..In another related issue which  Zinasu view as a demobilizing strategy the college is accommodating about a hundred soldiers and police officers in Visser  halls of residence at the expense of hundreds of students who have no accommodation and are currently living in squalid conditions.The college also recruited about 400 graduates from the notorious Border Gezi camp.The police still maintain a heavy presence on campus with dogs, guns and teargas canisters.The students have vowed to continue with such peaceful protests until their demands are met.Zinasu condemns the continued arrests of our academic freedoms by the government of the day Education for all and not for the elite,we demand free and fair election not flee and fear election.

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