Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 12th January 2008

LONDON - A Zimbabwean group say they are to hold a demonstration outside the Embassy next Saturday afternoon in support of the diaspora vote.

  It would have been good to consult us as we have been here every Saturday going on six years.  Anyway we are quite happy to give them a free hug – especially if they are not behind the emails and telephone calls received by our supporters saying that next week’s Vigil has been called off.  It would appear that the Vigil is coming under increased attack since the success of our lobbying in Lisbon.   
We can assure our supporters that the Vigil, as always, will be out there demanding free and fair elections.  This is in line with the request by the MDC Tsvangirai Secretary for Information, Nelson Chamisa, who said that this should be the main drive for the diaspora.  As for the diaspora vote, the Vigil sees little point in talking to the Zimbabwe Embassy .We will be putting our concerns about this to South Africa House, which is a more vulnerable pulse to press.   
For this week’s Vigil pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zimbabwevigil/.
FOR THE RECORD:  197 signed the register.  

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