5 die, 20 injured in SAP vehicle accident

BEITBRIDGE - Five Zimbabwean border jumpers died on the spot and others were seriously injured over the weekend when a South African Police vehicle in which they were travelling was involved in an accident.

“We have reports from our counterparts in South Africa that a vehicle carrying  deportees was involved in an accident and five people died on the spot. All those who were injured, over 20 of them, were taken to hospital in Messina. They said as soon as they recuperate they would continue to deport them back to Zimbabwe,” said a senior police officer from Beitbridge who declined to be named.

He said the vehicle, which under normal circumstances should be carrying 20 people, contained over 50 deportees.

“The names of those who died are still being withheld but we are told that they included three women and two children,” added the source.

Every month SA officials say they deport over 2500 undocumented immigrants to Zimbabwe. The deportees say death is almost preferable to returning to hunger, oppression, disease and hopelessness under the Mugabe regime. – CAJ News

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