Audacious criminal gets caught on camera

It would appear that one of the  men who robbed Morgan Tsvangirai and his assistant, George Sibotshiwe at the Movement for Democratic Change's offices in Bryanston, Johannesburg this week, may have been a Zimbabwean.

When they had unloaded the luggage at gunpoint from the shuttlebus that had carried the President from Johannesburg International airport, Sibotshiwe asked the robbers if they would please return their passports.

Without hesitation, the passports were taken out of Sibotshiwe’s laptop and returned to him.

Roy Bennett the MDC Treasurer said it was thought one of the men was Ndebele speaking and he was sympathetic to Sibotshiwe’s pleas.

Bennett also said this was a criminal and not a political act.

I don’t think they knew that Tsvangirai was involved at all. The President was followed from the aiport. What is so staggering about the audacity of the crime is that the driver, reversed into the complex gates, which were broken and took his time in relieving himself against the gatepost in full view of the CCTV camera, he said.

We have it on camera and one of the robbers has already been caught, Bennett said.

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