Makoni Launch

Makoni Launch

Presidential aspirant, Simba Makoni on Wednesday
launched his election manifesto underlined by a
challenge to his former colleagues in Zanu (PF) he
says are fed up with Mugabe to come out in the open as
well as an appeal to Zimbabweans in the diaspora to
contribute to solving the country's crisis.

Makoni emphasized on the bad situation in the country,
in terms of liberties, development, access to basic
requirements, clearly enunciating how these have
resulted from the warped policies of the Mugabe
regime. Makoni’s logo has an image of a rising sun,
which he says symbolizes the hope he carries of
bringing a new day to Zimbabwe, of betterment and has
the title-Mavambo, Kusile, Dawn.
To that end, he said topping his agenda if he won the
elections would be resuscitating the ailing economy.
“I particularly invite those compatriots who have been
pushed into despair and despondency, but have the
qualities of leadership to please enter the race,”
Makoni said. “I also invite those in ZANU-PF who
believe in and share our yearning for renewal to
contest the election as independent candidates under
our banner. The time for decision has come. Jump off
the fence, climb out of the false comfort zones.”
The former finance minister outlined his priority
thus, “There has been a decline in capacity and
capability to deliver throughout the economy and
society, I shall undertake immediate and urgent tasks
to resolve the food, power and fuel, water and
sanitation problems.”
He says he believes solving the myriad of problems
affecting the country can be possible of the Mugabe
regime is defeated. “The Zimbabwe of today is a nation
full of fear, a nation in deep stress, a tense and
polarised nation, a nation also characterised by
disease and extreme poverty. However we believe that
solving these problems will not be intractable, once
we remove these barriers and impediments that bar the
expression and pursuit of our common interest and
common purpose.”
He further promised that if he gains power, he would
work on establishing a process towards achieving
national healing and reconciliation following serious
divisions created in the country by bad policies.


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