COSATU Plans Protest Marrch to Press for Free Zim.Elections.

COSATU Plans Protest March to Press for Free Zim Elections.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions, and other civil society organisations, will march to the Zimbabwe embassy in Pretoria on Friday as part of a protest campaign to press for free and fair elections on the 29th March.


COSATU spokesman Patrick Craven told us Wednesday that no one can claim not to know by now, that SADC is facing a serious problem, arising from the political and socio-economic crisis facing Zimbabwe. 

The world has at best lamented and at worst collaborated with the aggressor regime of Mugabe. This is why the new initiative, called the South African International Solidarity Front currently convened by COSATU, has taken the bold initiative to confront Zimbabwe and demand justice for the sister people of this country,’ Craven said. 

He added; With the Zimbabwe elections to be held on 29th March, what stands out clear is that the conditions for elections militate against free and fair elections.We shall therefore be holding a march to the High Commission of Zimbabwe on Friday, 7 March 2008 in Tshwane (Pretoria), starting at 11am. This march will bring together all activists and organisations working for democracy and social justice,’ Craven added.

 Craven also called on all progressive people of the world to do something now to end the looming disaster and stop the suffering of the people in Zimbabwe. 

COSATU also noted that in recent weeks the crisis in the country has scaled new heights. It said in the statement it has now become the norm for police to raid the offices of the ZCTU and of other political activists, particularly the MDC -  harassing, threatening and beating staff, searching offices and seizing fliers, files and videotapes. 

They have arrested union activists campaigning in support of democracy and social justice in the country. The (Mugabe) government is stopping at nothing to crush the resistance of opposition parties, civil society organisations and the trade unions and ruthlessly trample on human rights,’ the statement added. 


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