He killed More Than 20,000 People Wihout Remorse

Mugabe killed More Than 20,000 People Wihout Remorse

On The Homefront ...Taona Moto
March 29 is not very far now. The day for the harmonised elections. Anything could happen on this day. Anything. I am one of those who have been debating with myself as to what would really happen in the event that a little earthquake takes place on this small part of the world...and President Mugabe is defeated.

Well, with the opposition fragmented as it is, the real chance of Mugabe going would most likely come in the event of a poll run-off. In this case, it will be a matter of people either going to vote for him or against him. Simple.
Like the historic 2000 referendum which was more or less a vote for or against him, his chances of winning the poll would be slim…especially if he would be squaring off against Morgan. (Because Morgan has proved in the past that he has sympathisers at the grassroots throughout the country). Here you would have a situation where more people would turn out to vote in the droves…including those who would not have voted in the harmonized March 29 elections.
If Mugabe’s future is at stake, it would be an election in which more Zimbabweans would naturally want to have a say. Right now Zimbabweans don’t care who their Member of the House of Assembly is, or who their Senator is…let alone who their ward councillor is. The only person who matter to them is Mugabe…they see him as being responsible for whatever the situation is, rich or poor. And for sure he is.
So those who see more benefits coming the traditional way, would want to keep him while those who are thoroughly upset with him would see this run-off poll as a chance to get rid of him good and proper.
It is quite obvious that in Zimbabwe today, there are more people angry with Mugabe than those who are happy with him. The only reason why most people would not openly express their views is fear. They know what could befall them if they dare. So in the privacy of the polling booth—just like they do when they write on the back of the doors of public toilets—nothing will stop them from sending the man where he really belong…the junk-pile!
There are some things that appear to be unimaginable. Well, to some, imagining Zimbabwe without Mugabe would be like imagining a day without sunrise…he is to some what butter is to bread, if not one or the same…or interchangeable! It could naturally feel so for many considering that here we are talking about the only leader that some generations have known…after 28 years in power, some people who are now fathers and mothers were born well after this man was already a tenant at State House.
Ever noticed that even some people who have stayed with abusive spouses for say five, or 10 years, sometimes can’t really function without those abusers…they get so used to the abuse that they begin to view it not just as part of quotidian existence, but as life itself. So imagine how some people would feel after 28 years with the same person in their daily lives?
In the event that the unexpected happens, and for sure after all the intimidation, the violence and wanton rigging, it still emerges that Mugabe has lost the polls, what would happen?
Will he challenge the poll results in court? (…while in the meantime remaining in office by force?) Or will he accept the result and congratulate his vanquisher and hand over the reins of power like any other civilized African?
Knowing him as much as we do, this would be worse than expecting milk from a hen!
Even if his opponent would win the election by 99 percent, I don’t see a scenario where Mugabe would admit that he had been defeated. That the economy, the shortages, the corruption, the laziness on the farms (resulting in the hunger), violence, his arrogance among the whole gamut of grievances would have helped make him more unpopular than the British and the Americans combined.
He is the handiende type and he has a lot of minions who have grown shamefully fat on his patronage…these would try by all means to retain what they can of their privileges.
While we don’t know whether by then the country’s army commanders would be prepared to salute a leader who has no bush war background, what is certain about is that the recent huge salary increases could do the trick.  Already Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri has indicated that his force will not hesitate to use force, including firearms, against some people who might displease them in any way. So celebrating the defeat of a dictator could be one way of inviting the wrath of the country’s patriotic police force, who knows?
As for the rambunctious war veterans who have over the past few years arrogated lots of powers and lodes of featherbeddings to themselves, to suddenly find themselves without these could have cathartic effects on their lives…so it could be justifiably a matter of life and death.
When leaders who have stayed in power for too long are going into elections, as in our case, it could be necessary to let them undergo some form of counselling—like what happens at Voluntary Counselling & Testing Centres for HIV—to prepare them to accept any of the two results that many come out. Without this preparation, people could behave in any manner—you know the denial moment—and they can do anything…anything.
Imagine the Never-ever! old man waking up to a mid-morning news bulletin: …the President Mr So & So has left for the UN general assembly summit in Washington, blah, blah…He was accompanied by First Lady Madam So & So and several members of the Cabinet and senior government officials. As far as he is concerned, he is the only person who is capable—and has a God-given right—to perform such duties.
In the case of our own Mugabe—a person who killed more that 20 000 people without remorse—we cringe to imagine what would happen to my dear and beloved country Zimbabwe!

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