Record of Arrests of Mdc Tsvangirai candidates/activists.

Record of Arrests of Mdc Tsvangirai candidates/activists.
February 2008 

11th - Chitingwiza -1 MP candidate, 1 council candidate, 2 others.

14th - Zengeza 6 women arrested (illegal gathering) out on 100 m bail each.

19th -  Bindura 3 arrested. Sandra Shirikihavu ward 7 councilor beaten and hospitalized.

15th - MDC candidate in Rushinga, Edson Muwengwa, went missing today following several death threats. (as of 10th March he has no

Police (Chitange Police Post and Rushinga Police station) in the area have not followed any leads provided. On 12th February, Zanu PF members led by Shingi Runhare went to the Muwengwa home and demanded to be shown where the candidate slept.  The same night his house was looted. The following day 13th Feb. Runhare held a Zanu PF meeting and told those gathered that Muwengwa must be fixed. Muwengwa went missing after the nomination court.

15th – Tinashe Malvern and  Madamombe arrested and charged under POSA failing to give notice of a gathering. Sentence 105 hours community service.

15th – Oliver Madembwe arrested for defacing property. Sentenced to 105 hours community service.

20th – Mbare MDC activists Davison Panganayi, Tonderayi Mapiye – dist. Fliers.

21st – Mhondoro – Francis Dhlakama plus others arrested for trying to obtain voter registration details.

22nd – Epworth – Alabi Billiard, Gift Mukuwira, Kudakwashe Mukudo MDC activists arrested.

23rd – Hre Railway Station – Dread…… and his girl friend arrested whilst boarding the train for Mutare for Presidential launch – Dread made the MDC cd’s. Released on 50 million dollars bail 26th Feb.

24th – Marondera – Muzhambi and Tenfera arrested for allegedly removing a Mugabe poster/insulting the President. Released pending court.

25th – Muzharabani -  Muchemwa Chihota ward election agent and Munyaradzi Nyama MDC activist arrested.

26th – Bindura – Tawona Chikona arrested on charges of  allegedly tearing down zpf poster.

26th – Chirimanzu – Daniso Nkomo Sec for Security, Patrick Kombayi Prov. Sec., Tinashe Shoko Dep Org Sec arrested on charge writing vote Tsvangirai on rocks.

Later released on wrong charge!.

26th – Marondera – MDC Candidate Iain Kay’s election agent now detained in police cells for allegedly insulting the President.

26th -  Bindura, 3 people arrested on Donhill Farm, charge putting up posters – names are :- Mavhuto Chari, Lawrence Zhuwao and Luckson Dera.

27th – Kwe Kwe – Helen Nkosana Mbizo Ward 4 council candidate arrested today for holding a meetng without police permission.

27th – Mutare – Pishayi Muchauraya, MDC publicity and information for Manicaland abducted from his home by Zanu PF youths early in the morning. Sms received from him late in the afternoon saying he was at Old Mutare Police station being interrogated. Efforts to contact him by phone since have been fruitless.

28th – Mutare – Pishayi Muchauraya (mentioned above), driver Michael Murapa and security Tendayi Kononda were on their way in the MDC Manicaland truck to visit a constituency. They stopped at a garage to buy some drinks. A new tractor with a trailer carrying about 40 Zanu PF youth saw their truck and parked in front of them to prevent them moving. The youth then set about the 3 MDC officials ripping off their Morgan Tsvangirai T-shirts, and beating them with fists and flat hands and kicking them, saying you are on our territory. All their money was stolen as well as all the MDC files on constituencies, candidates etc. The three managed to run away into nearby bush where they hid for three hours while phoning for help and the Police. Two of the assailants were recognized viz Misheck Masukume and Peter Ngwarapi of Plot 20, Old Mutare. The Police RRB number 02588728 refers. Present when report being made were D/Cst. Ngunwende,  Insp. Chiyoka both of Law and Order section and also the Officer Commanding District Chief Supt. Gowo.

29th – 12 MDC youths arrested in Mbare doing door to door campaigning (which is no longer illegal). They were detained at Mbare Police station overnight. The lawyer ordered that they be released on Saturday morning as they had not committed an offence. However the Member in Charge, Mbare, Insp. MUGUTI kept the youths in custody until Sunday evening when they were released no charge. Kosmos Chuzaruza one of the youths.

29th – Bindura – Amari Njawara arrested Bindura c/s 89(1)(b) Criminal Codification Act – admitted to bail. Bindura CR 166/02/08 refers. 

March 2008. 

2nd – Marvelous Khumalo (plus 9 others) arrested

3rd – Charles Muzembe and Edson Chivanga arrested

4th – Magunje MDC candidate constituency, Timothy Mutsunge was arrested, together with 17 others for distributing fliers and putting up posters. 22 riot police descended on Mutsunge and his activists and not only arrested them but 10 innocent civilians, as well as anyone in possession of MDC literature. It appears that the Member in charge of ZRP Magunje is working with ZPF candidate for that constituency Franco Ndambakuwa to frustrate the MDC campaign.  Mutsungwe was released on 100 million dollars bail and has to report three times a week at Magunje Police Station. Only 3 people were released as the bail money could not be found.

4th – Norbert Dokotera arrested CRB 45/3/08 refers uniform and possession of prohitibed……

5th – Avious Ndhlovu arrested

6th – Mabvute Chiize plus 2 others arrested for putting up MDC posters.

6th – Victor Ganyu arrested

6th -  Bindura 5 people appeared in court and granted Z$ 100 m bail.

6th – Dzivarasekwa Gripen Mukucha, Johnson Zaranyika arrested and charged with removing Zpf posters.

7th – Mukudzeyi Chigumfirua arrested

6th – Victor Simbarashe, Ward co-ordinator Chikomba East appearing in Sadza Court morning of 7th March – charged with holding an illegal gathering.

8th – Alfonso Zvenyika and Sibiyon Maredza were part of a group campaigning with Mbare MP candidate Pineal Denga on Saturday.  A group of Zanu PF youth began stoning the group. The Police stood by and watched as this took place and went so far as to warn the MDC people that if they retaliated they would be arrested. Alfonso and Sibiyon had to receive medical attention at casualty.

9th – Glen Norah, Harare – Enock Chikora, Tirivanhu Musara, Caroline Muchena, Gaya Muchena, Douglas Matandatya arrested for toyi toyi.

9th – Epworth – Richard Tana and James Makuwe arrested for toyi toyi.

8th /9th – There was a scene at Epworth over the weekend between Zanu PF youth and the MDC youth. Full details will be established today and reported in this bulletin.

10th – Chinhoyi – Peter Gwinayi, Stewart Mahonde, David Nhema, Tirivanhu Mapipa arrested.

10th – Harare – At 2.30am a message was received from Brighton Matimba, MDC Welfare officer, that two vehicles were parked outside his house. At 3am he sms’d to say there were men outside his window. There has been no response to his phone since then. (6am Monday).  He escaped over the back wall and is safe.

11th – Lameck Choga  plus 2 others arrested for assault.

11th – Marondera Isa Madi and Eric Mdori were arrested, and detained for putting up posters.

11th – Chitingwiza – Lameck Choga, Phillip Mutoti, Isreal Chanyoredza , alleged assault.

11th – Bindura South Broadwill Nyahude (MP Candidate) and Kiliot Muchapondwa (councilor candidate) plus one other arrested on allegations of abduction and assault.

11th – Masvingo, Renco Mine MDC activists arrested for allegedly tearing down posters.

11th – Mabvuku – Bonifasi Yatamu, Shepard Madamombe, Abraham Kurimakwaramba, Simba Madamombe, Pasipanodya Mutimutema, Simba Zhuwawo, David Goriath, Anthony Muringisie, Norman Hanyani, Petronella Zambesi, Eskuri Tapera, Munyaradzi Kufamakutizwa, Muzondiwa Chiwaura, Fungai Agere, Bhebheya Moda, Tunga Motani, Standford Nhende, Kelvin Madhlazi all arrested for allegedly pulling down posters.

(All these people appeared in Court today (12th ) represented by ZHLR).

11th – Harare – Sekai Holland arrested by CID Law and Order section in connection with events surrounding the 11th March, 2007 Prayer Rally at Highfields.

12th – Gift Mabhena our candidate for Hwange West, and Charles Ncube Chairman of Mat. North Province and Pretty Sibanda, Chief Election Agent for Gift arrested yesterday, reported by a Mutambara Candidate Sibindi. They are still in the cells. The charge is sec.25 POSA.

13th – Mhangura – Bruce Musonza arrested and appearing in court today on allegations of tearing down posters.

14th – Oliver Hove and Crosper Zimbiti arrested.

17th – Tedros Mudzuri and Charles Marizem arrested.

17th – John Majoni plus 2 others arrested.

17th – Voctor Zorowa arrested.

17th – Masvingo – Edmore and others

17th Marondera – Nets Watiwa and Jane Watiwa arrested

17th – Lovemore, Edward and Mostafe arrested.

17th – Gutu – Elias Tedzai plus 2 others arrested for public violence.

22nd – Chimanimani – the dirty work has been done again,  Brighton Muchuwa  together with Nyasha Mbingwa [nephew of  Mrs Knight,  Zanu PF Chairwoman Chimanimani], Mwaimbodei Matigwe [all three, murderer and CIO agent Joseph Mwale’s sidekicks]  attacked a truck driver in Chimanimani [who was having a break down in his vehicle and waiting spaer parts from Bulawayo based transport company],  beating the poor man half death and throwing him to side of the road and then stealing the diesel of the truck. This happened 22nd of March.  The three were arrested, appeared in court in Chipinge 25th, March 2008. Muchuwa was represented by Chipinge [ MDC & HR ] lawyer Langton Mhungu,  given a bail and here-we-have-the killer walking  again free amongst us in Chimanimani!!  Waiting to receive more info of the case, it sounds like a nightmare.  

NB: Muchuwa is out on bail for the MURDER of Charles Sigauke on 24th December, 2007 in Chimanimani.  Now he is out on bail for another serious Assault GBH and Theft!?

Otherwise rallies going very well with huge attendance,  never seen so many excited people like me….  we will make it this time,  [even there is harassed candidates, zanu knocking doors and windows during nights, less fear, more info coming].

M A I T I R O !

Chimanimani – Intimidation of MDC people by ZANU PF supporters and members of the state security.

We have had a number of cases of state security agent visiting MDC candidates,  supposedly investigating what they claim,  are irregularities in the internal MDC primary voting process. Candidate are being asked by these people for a list people responsible for putting forward the candidates names in the 1st place and then told to sign documents  saying that they that they hadn’t signed the nomination forms.


What is worrying for the party is whether these people are really state security agents and where did they get the list of the MDC nominators from, since this is matter that only ZEC has access to.  In addition frightened candidates are now scared to stay at home. MDC polling agents are also being targeted which brings into question, how free and fair the elections will be.  ZEC roll in supplying this information to these ZANU PF supporters/ state security agents also brings into question the impartiality of ZEC!!


Today  Monday, 17th of March,  Chimanimani MDC office was visited by two CID  Chipinge members,  giving  notice for  standing candidate  MP  for Chimanimani  East,  Mr Tinarwo and  MDC office organizer  Pardon Maguta,    to appear tomorrow, Tuesday,  18th of March in Chipinge at CID section to give report of the selected two candidates Chimanimani East and West. We are going early to give the statement and if all goes well, afternoon rally at Copper Edema. I try to mail you outcome,  if email working tomorrow.

From : Chimanmani Welfare Officer.


Tinarwo & Maguta gave the statement to Chipinge CID with the help of lawyer Langton Mungu [18.3.2008], seems that it is all for harassment part of Zanu and company. Lynette Karenyi, Chimani West, is going today in Mutare to give hers. 


23rd February – Manicaland – Mrs. Birgit Kidd (Chimanimani MDC welfare officer) was returning from Mutare and the launching of the Presidential campaign. She and others stopped at Nhedziwa business center buying tomatoes. A man called JOSEPH ZVIUYA, who lives at Nyanyadzi and works for GMB tried to hit Mrs. Kidd with his fist on her head. She avoided the blow. He was yelling that she should get out of the country. He then ripped the MDC headscarf off Mrs. Selina Myotcha’s head and cursed them and the MDC. The case was reported to the Police Post at Nhedziwa (Mr. Chirere), who in turn accused the women of coming to cause violence! Nedzhiwa RRB 107116 refers.

21st March -Mashonaland East – suspected Zanu youths Tendai Nhau and Ruzvidzo Nyandoro, both of Village 14 came and broke 9 shop window panes that were displaying MDC posters (same shop as entry below).

24th March – Mashonaland East – occurred at Two Boy Shopping Center approx. 25 kms from Marondera. Mavis Munyuki ID number 59-095439X reports that on this day at about 1700 hours 10 Zanu PF youth came to her husband’s shop and tore down all the opposition candidates posters from the walls and windows. 


There is no law to preclude MDC activists/candidates/members putting up posters, distributing campaign fliers and doing door to door campaigning. This is a deliberate effort by state agents/Zanu PF to frustrate all campaign efforts. This is a repeat of the illegal and partisan behaviour of the Police in every campaign since 2000.  Their modus operandi – abduction, arrests, torture, murder. This cannot be allowed to continue.

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