Zanu PF in Desperate Attempt to Bribe Polling Officers

HARARE---The regime has embarked on a desperate attempt to manipulate the people's will by bribing polling officers and our polling agents at every polling station in the country.

The MDC is aware of a slush fund running into trillions of dollars to pay all the polling officers in the polling station and the polling agents of opposition political parties to concoct results in favour of the regime.

As the people’s victory becomes imminent, the regime has gone desperate. Throughout the country, the winds of change are blowing fast. The MDC’s rolling juggernaut is unstoppable despite all attempts to steal the election once again.

Zanu PF, stung by the mammoth crowds turning up at MDC rallies, has also lined up 100 of its supporters in every ward for multiple voting after realising that the majority of Zimbabweans want to turn a new leaf by archiving the regime.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has since refused to grant us the permission to test the so-called indelible polling ink. The MDC has since instructed its lawyers to look into the various irregularities in this election. These include the apparent acts of voter buying by Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF, the dangerous utterances by service chiefs that threaten to subvert the people’s imminent victory, lack of access to the electronic voters roll, our lack of access to the public media and the continued acts of violence against MDC supporters.

Moreover, some members of the police force have confided in us that during postal voting, the envelopes with the ballot papers have their force numbers on them as a way of forcing members of the force to vote for Robert Mugabe. A senior police officer at Police General Headquarters, identified only as Inspector Nyimo, is at the forefront of intimdating police officers to vote for the regime and telling them to “vote for the hand that feeds you.”

We have urged our people and our polling agents to resist the regime’s desperate attempts to manipulate the people’s will. The people of Zimbabwe are determined to vote for the change they can trust. They want to change their lives. No amount of intimidation and bribery will stop the people’s movement from reaping the fruits of an arduous struggle for a new Zimbabwe and a new beginning.

The people shall be the victors!

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“The bottom line is that we must rise and confront what is before us” President Morgan Tsvangirai

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“Its either we will be free or we will be martyrs”-Che Guevara

“What the future has in store for me I do not know. It might be ridicule, imprisonment, concentration camp, flogging, banishment and even death. I only pray to the Almighty to strengthen my resolve so that none of these grim possibilities may deter me from striving, for the sake of the good name of our beloved country, (Zimbabwe), to make it a true democracy and a true union in form and spirit of all the communities in the land.”

Adopted from The Road to Freedom is Via the Cross; Inkosi Albert Luthuli

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