Zanu PF thugs takes IDs from villgers

Zanu PF thugs takes IDs from villagers.

Scores of villagers in Mberengwa District in the Midlands Province look set not to vote on Saturday after alleged Zanu-PF thugs took away their National Identity Cards after promising to source food aid.

It has emerged that many residents of Chaza and Langeni in Mberengwa District are worried about their identity cards which were taken by suspected politicians who promised to supply them with food and this has not been fulfilled so far.

The Zimbabwean has been reliably informed that these residents have been denied to vote on Saturday as their identity cards are still withheld by their donors’ who are still nowhere to be found.

These people have not yet been identified – their names and their residential places, the Standard was told.

Sources have revealed that these people lied and refused to identify themselves as they coaxed residents to issue their identity cards and get food aid afterwards.

In an interview, the Midlands police spokesperson, Patrick Chademana confirmed that he was aware of the cheating but could not identify the suspects. We have issued a report on the case and have warned members of the public not to listen to anyone they do not know, said Chademana.

The Zimbabwean learnt from Chademana that there was a belief that unscrupulous people’ cheated these rural people who are wailing in desperation of their national identity cards.

In an interview, a villager from Chief Mposi in Mberengwa showed disgust over the devious comrades who want to deny them rights to vote. When these people came, we thought that we had got consolation for our starvation, only to find out that we were angled off after these men went for good, said the villager who requested anonymity.

It has emerged that cunning people have been moving around all places in rural areas trying to hinder villagers from voting freely in these harmonized elections as some misinformed people on the election date and some threatened villagers to gain support for their political parties.

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