A team has just returned from the atrocity zone of Mudzi and Mutoko in the Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe.

They have reported as follows:

1.    Chidya Village, Mutoko East Constituency.  
On 15 April 2008 persons in army uniform and lead by ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Mutoko East, Ojo Nyakudanga and a Colonel Katsvairo arrived in the village and ordered that everyone be rounded up, presumably for re-education.  In panic the villagers fled in all directions  and in the process Tendai Chibika, aged about 30 years, was shot in the head and died instantly.  The team reports that his body remains in the open and no one is being allowed to reclaim it for burial.  At any rate the inhabitants are now all living in the mountains for fear of similar treatment at the hands of these people.

On the same occasion Steven John Martin, of roughly the same age, was seen to be arrested by this group, beaten up seriously and later taken away.  He has not been seen since and inhabitants fear for his life.

2.    Ward 17, Vondozi, Mudzi North Constituency.  
The team reports that marauding groups of ZANU PF militia, war vets and other people in army uniform have been responsible for the systematic destruction of approximately 98% of all homesteads in the area.  The inhabitants, numbering about 300, are living in the school yard at Vongozi School, under armed guard.  Apparently this is being kept out of public knowledge, the area having been sealed off to outsiders. Speculation is high on the treatment that these people are receiving.

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