Glen View becomes terror target for Zanu thugsGlen View becomes terror target for Zanu thugs

"Baba Helen! Baba Helen!" they shouted as they hammered at the door. As Ruth Chivasa's husband opened it, soldiers dressed in uniform grabbed him and dragged him into the yard.

The 32-year-old woman said the soldiers whipped her husband, kidnapped him and then dumped him along Beatrice Road.

“I rushed screaming, trying to plead with them not to harm my husband but one of them grabbed me by the hand to show me a text message on his phone,” she explains. “The message had a list of names he made me read, but before l could see who he got it from, the man shouted that my husband and three other men lying in the streets were responsible for burning down a bus in Warren Park, as he joined his colleagues in beating them with logs in front of my eyes.”

The military junta has turned Glen View into a place of fear for supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change, as Zanu (PF) supporters sell out “their enemies”.

Last Friday at dawn, Marvellous Chihwa (20) took delight in watching Elias Chivasa (Baba Helen), Andrew Chikuwanyanga, and two other residents identified as Baba Talent and Baba Pito beaten by the army after she gave their names to Zanu (PF) supporters.

Chivasa suffered a severe wrist fracture, back injuries and leg wounds. Others had bruised and swollen legs and hands.

Four hours later, a truck packed with militiamen stormed back to Chivasa’s home and grabbed him again – this time claiming they were taking him to be treated at a local hospital.

“This happened in front of my daughters whose crying never moved any of the soldiers into feeling pity for my husband,” said Ruth Chivasa. “They never told me which hospital they were taking him to and feared that it would be the end of my dear husband’s life.”

Chivasa was found the following day, dumped in a bushy area near Suncrest. He had been told by soldiers to wait there as they were coming back to take him to hospital. He crawled to find help and telephoned his wife, who took him to Harare General Hospital..

Meanwhile, the militia began a manhunt for Movement for Democratic Change councillor Nelson Mashambanhaka, whose house had already been stormed and looted.

He told The Zimbabwean: “The situation is worrying as cases of army brutality have reached an alarming state.” He said he was no longer sleeping at his home for fear of another raid.

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