MDC appeals to Red Cross

JOHANNESBURG - The MDC has made an impassioned plea for the International Committee of the Red Cross to attend to the thousands of Zimbabweans around the country who have beaten or tortured by Robert Mugabe's vicious militia and police thugs since it became apparent that the aged dictator lost the March 29 elections.

Tendai Biti, the party’s secretary general, told a news conference here this week that international humanitarian help was desperately needed to save lives in Zimbabwe, where more than 10 defenceless civilians have already been killed by rampaging armed, supporters of Zanu (PF).

“What is happening now is worse than what happened during the war of liberation. We have to deal with thousands of refugees inside our country and we call on the ICRC to come to our aid. There is a war going on inside Zimbabwe today,” said Biti.

He also appealed to various United Nations bodies to assist with the increasing flood of internally displaced people.

Doctors without Borders has already established a camp in Musina (on the border) to house and treat the thousands who are fleeing southwards from the reign of terror.  

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