John Makumbe
In the past few weeks, Robert Mugabe has effectively stripped himself of whatever few vestiges of personal dignity that he still had as a national leader.

His refusal to accept defeat at the hands of Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC attests to his lack of the democratic ethic and statesmanship. As stated in numerous previous contributions, a dictator is not readily vulnerable to removal from office through democratic means. The continued withholding of the presidential results by the ZEC is an affront to justice, and all the members of ZEC have effectively discredited themselves and ruined their reputation by this illegal action. Mugabe has himself become the laughing stock of virtually all national leaders the world over. He is discussed with so much scorn and derision in virtually all international for a, with some leaders calling him “…a disgrace to Africa”. Indeed, even in his ZanuPF party, there are many who are ashamed of Mugabe’s embarrassing actions since March 29 this year.

Mugabe must be thoroughly frustrated to see President elect Morgan Tsvangirai travelling all over the world and meeting other world leaders while he sulks and stays at home like a lizard. He must be furious about last week’s United Nations Security Council session where every speaker derided him and his opposition party, ZanuPF for delaying the presidential results and demanding an illegal recount of the ballots in twenty-three constituencies. Zimbabwean diplomats throughout the world are experiencing extreme awkwardness explaining why their government denies the people of Zimbabwe as a whole their due right to elect a leadership of their choice. Here is a clear violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is very likely that the UN Security Council will keep up the pressure on the rejected Mugabe regime to behave itself and allow the people of Zimbabwe to enjoy their right to return their country to the democratic path.

ZanuPF is desperate not to become an opposition political party in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is desperate to remain at State House as head of the Zimbabwe state. But the time for his departure has long passed and the people have rejected him as their leader. In fact, the longer he stays on at State House the more he proves to all that he is a tyrant and a dictator. He effectively proves theory right through and through. Fortunately for us, the whole world is watching, and the whole world is disgusted by what Mugabe and his ZanuPF are doing to this nation. The violence that the tyrant has unleashed upon innocent Zimbabweans is being reported all over the world. The arms of war against his own people, that Mugabe is amassing courtesy the Chinese government are being observed as they sail from port to port in a desperate attempt to off-load.

Mugabe and ZanuPF have deceived the people of Zimbabwe too many times. This time around, however, they must not be allowed to get away with it. If there was ever a time to act against the Mugabe regime it is now. Both civil society and democratic political parties must start to plan serious and effective non-violent ways and means of making Mugabe and ZanuPF get out of office. There will be need to accept that some will be victimised by the desperate regime. But nothing comes to us without us experiencing some pain. We have to be prepared to sacrifice our comforts, our careers and even our lives in order to free our country from dictatorship and tyranny. We cannot afford to do another five years under the Mugabe dictatorship. Regime change has to happen right now, and we must all agree to be the instruments of that long overdue change. The rest of the world can only help us, but we have to be in the forefront of the struggle for freedom. God bless Zimbabwe!!

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