Mugabe finally accepts defeat

Peter Chikondi:

In a surprise turnaround, Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe on Friday
finally admitted defeat in the past harmonised combined elections.

In a clear admission of defeat Mugabe told an independence celebrations

gathering at Gwanzura stadium in Harare that he would not allow the

opposition to lead the country and showed anger that people voted for the


Mr Mugabe said opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for

Democratic Change (MDC) were sell outs who would never be allowed to rule

Zimbabwe although Tsvangirai and the MDC won the March 29 harmonized


There will never ever be change in Zimbabwe. We shall never reverse the

gains of the liberation struggle. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again,”

said Mugabe.

Mugabe castigated the electorate for voting for the MDC saying that they

were being bought and corrupted by the British whom he alleged that were

splashing money to pervert the electorate.

Digressing from his prepared speech which he rarely read from, Mugabe

revealed that war guerrillas had taken up arms to fight against the

leadership of the opposition despite having clearly won the elections.

Violence has erupted around the country and the opposition and human rights

groups have said that the coordinated attacks on the opposition are being

led by the military and the former war veterans. He bitterly attacked

Britain for commenting on the human rights situation in Zimbabwe saying the

British should not lecture Zimbabwe about democracy because ZANU PF had

brought democracy in Zimbabwe.

Mr Mugabe also said that there will never be change in Zimbabwe in a clear

sign that the ruling elite were not willing to respect the outcome of any

elections that go against them.

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